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Take Your Home Office to the Next Level

Studying from home doesn’t have to mean sitting in bed watching lectures all day — you can actually change your room or desk into the perfect home office with easy tricks, items, and accessories. Make homework fun with these perfect signature items to make your productivity an all-time high!


Every great office has this! Well, let's maybe get rid of those standard fluorescents and get some warm lights that invite you to the desk. You may think this as an obvious choice, but lighting really makes a difference with your attention span. In fact, depending on the brightness, you could get headaches and a decrease in productivity. 

Making sure you get a good desk lamp is also key to finishing those last-minute assignments at 11:30 pm. I recommend getting desk lamps like the TaoTonics LED Desk Lamp, which is energy-efficient, has five lighting modes, seven brightness levels, touch control, and even a USB charging port! 

Mug Warmer

This may not apply to everyone, but it is my new favourite appliance! Drinking your coffee during lectures is a no-brainer, but staying home probably means you’re using a mug instead of a thermos, which means your coffee’s gonna get cold — fast. 

Mug warmers keep your coffee at a drinkable temperature all day long. That means no more running down to your microwave seven times a day! I recommend this beverage warmer, that you can put any type of mug on; ceramic, glass, or stainless steel — it’ll heat them all! This one also has auto shut-off (so no burning down houses today!) and even comes with two metal reusable straws. 


Getting a large calendar to record all your assignments, events, and meetings is a really helpful way to stay on track and get things done on time. While you might already have an agenda or timetable, I really recommend also getting a large desk or wall calendar to let you easily visualize what you have on tap for the week or month. 

I really like getting whiteboard ones, like this one which you can reuse every month and also has an extra place for other notes and some cork board to pin other notes. 

Desk Chair

Again, this may be an obvious (and necessary) choice but nonetheless an important one. Getting a good desk chair is highly important, not only to get your work done, but also to increase comfortability. I myself use to have a lot of back problems due to hunching over my desk, but now that I have a more supportive chair, I hardly ever have a sore back and actually like working at my desk. 

I recommend getting a chair with a mid-to-high straight back, like this one. Although it doesn’t look like the most fancy or comfortable chair ever, it really did help my posture and you can add a cushion of your choice to match your room’s palette. 

Laptop Bed Table

While this may draw you away from your home office desk area, this is a great tool for those cold winter days that you just can’t get out of bed. This is really helpful for watching lectures or reading your textbooks right from bed. Just promise you won’t fall asleep! 

I recommend getting this Adjustable Laptop Bed Table, which you can fit to your own height and also has room to hold your iPad and computer at the same time. 

Desktop Power Strip

This is completely necessary for any home office so that you can charge all of your great devices at once! This way you can keep your amazing desk lamp plugged in while charging your phone and laptop. 

I absolutely love this desktop power socket, which not only has 2 US outlets and 3 USB sockets, but also wirelessly charges your phone! All you have to do is place it on the stand and it will charge! 

I hope that all of these items will increase productivity, comfort, and glam in your new home-office room! 

Rachel Fiset

Carleton '23

Rachel is a Journalism and Political Science combined honours student. She loves to write, read, and learn any way she can! Rachel enjoys keeping busy, and along with HerCampus is involved with The Charlatan, CKCU 93.1 FM, Book Ravens, and the Campus Activity Board.
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