Supporting Local Ottawa Businesses during Quarantine

Being stuck in quarantine is a great reason to help support local businesses to keep them alive so that they are able to stay operational and will be able to reopen when the quarantine is over. We all have our own favourite local businesses that we love to frequent and shop at and it’s important not to forget about them or the people who they employ. Some may still have their online stores open and able to keep sending out their goods, which is a great opportunity to have something delivered right to your home. It is also worth looking into purchasing gift cards from local businesses that be used later but provides revenue for them now. Here are a few of my recommendations to get you started:

  1. 1. Dominion City Brewing Co.

    Dominion City Brewery Co. is an Ottawa-based brewing company that is still accepting orders with free local delivery. It’s a great option for those in Ottawa looking to have their beer delivered to avoid the long lines at the LCBO or grocery stores. They have several great beer options to select from, in addition to selling kombucha. You are also able to purchase gift cards to use at the brewery in the future (quarantined or not). 

  2. 2. Milk Shop

    Although they are most well-known for their cute store in the Byward Market, Milk Shop is a trendy local boutique with a selection of clothing, jewelry, accessories, home goods, and more. Just because you’re in quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t get that post-quarantine wardrobe ready, and Milk Shop is a great local business to support. Who says just because you’re staying home you can’t feel cute lounging in a new outfit? 

  3. 3. Magpie Jewellery

    As one of Ottawa’s staple jewellery stores, Magpie has a huge selection of beautiful pieces with almost every style you can imagine. They select beautiful pieces from many Canadian designers who are also worth supporting at this time, along with their art. They also cater to many different budgets, whether you are shopping to treat yourself or to find a gift for someone for a birthday or anniversary. They are also offering free shipping right now on all Canadian orders to give you an even better deal. 

  4. 4. Alta Vista Flowers

    Mother’s Day is only a month away from now on May 10th, and what better way to show the special ladies in your life that you care about them than sending them a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Especially in quarantine, it can be hard to be apart from our friends and loved ones but a surprise delivery of flowers can make someone’s day a little bit brighter by showing you are thinking of them. Alta Vista Flowers is currently doing free delivery for local online orders and have arrangements for a variety of occasions and price points.

So support local businesses if you're able, every little bit helps.