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Spirit Sundays: Namaste with FitStar Yoga App

By Mikayla Mlynarczyk


Okay, so it’s a Sunday and you want to work out, but you also have things to do and don’t necessarily want to get stuck in -40 degree weather waiting for a bus or walking to the nearest gym. After all, on a wintry Sunday who really wants to leave their warm residence?

We all have those common version New Year’s resolutions of “trying to tone-up” or to “lose some weight”, but we also all have schoolwork and other various errands to do,  and waiting in the cold for the bus on a Sunday just doesn’t seem too appealing. However, don’t lose hope! You can still get that killer workout and not skip on that New Year’s resolution all in the comfort of your very own room.

For Yoga lovers on a budget:

I recently downloaded the FitStar Yoga app on my Iphone. This app is wonderful because not only is it free, but it also has many yoga exercises and poses for all levels.  For those that need some motivation while working out, ‘FitStar Yoga’ is great for that too—it’s video-automated so the instructor does all of the moves with you and times out each pose so you know exactly how long to hold it for. The exercises range from 15-60 minutes, so it’s perfect for quick at-home workouts in the warm confinements of your bedroom.

Personally, I’m a workout fanatic, but I also find it difficult to squeeze in my workouts with school and other things on the go—these quick at home workouts are perfect for busy days just like that! What’s cool about these videos is that once you get good, you can totally bring some of these new yoga moves to the gym too.

For those that aren’t really into yoga, but still want a great at-home workout with a little push, you can also download FitStar Personal Trainer. Again, same concept as FitStar Yoga app, except this one focuses on goal-based programs that starts with an initial fitness test, but then creates a personalized plan based on your fitness goals.

Before I discovered all these cool apps, I stuck to the traditional 15-60 minute home workout, depending on the time I had.


Here is a ‘home starter kit’ you can make for yourself for those that would rather workout on their own without an app:


  1. Make sure you have a great yoga mat—regardless if you’re into yoga or not, doing crunches, sit-ups, planks and so on are much more comfortable on a mat! I purchased mine for around $20 dollars at Winners, but I’m sure you could find some for slightly cheaper.
  2. Get two dumbbells (weights) of your choice. For those who are just starting out, stick to 5-8 pounds. Eventually you can work your way up to 10-15, or more, depending on your difficulty and strength.
  3. If you’re not into weights but still want to tone-up, try resistance bands—these can be purchased at your local Walmart.

Hopefully these at-home workouts reduce your Sunday stress and lift your spirits (pun intended).

Remember—it’s important to smile and take care of yourself!







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