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PINK Campus Rep Program — Will Carleton be the newest addition?

Carleton University has the opportunity to be adopted into the Victoria Secret PINK Campus Rep Program — if it gets enough votes.

After a nomination process, Carleton was selected to compete against 23 other schools through a competition bracket. And if Carleton makes it to the final two, it will be added to the Victoria Secret PINK Campus Rep Program. 

The voting process is conducted on @vspink through its Instagram stories. Everyone gets one vote until it closes after 24 hours. Anyone with an Instagram account can vote, but sharing, sending and reposting to your followers can increase votes.

Since Carleton was in the top 6 nominees, it received a bye in the first round. Second round voting starts this week, so turn @vspink post notifications on, so you don’t miss it.

In this second round, Carleton will be competing against the winner of last week’s matchup of either Greensboro College or the University of Massachusetts Lowell. 

The other teams in Carleton’s bracket include the University of South Florida, Bryant University, John C. Smith University, Murray State University, Middle Tennessee State University, Alabama State University, Ohio Northern University, Eastern Florida State College and Wayne State University.

Carleton will have to win three rounds of voting in order to win a spot in the campus rep program.

Three Canadian universities are currently in the PINK Campus Rep Program: the University of British Columbia, University of Alberta and University of Toronto.

The University of Ottawa is the only other Canadian university part of the nominees in this year’s competition. Carleton and the University of Ottawa are in opposing brackets, but UOttawa did not receive a bye in round one.

The Campus Rep Program started in 2008 and has expanded to include 109 schools across Canada and the United States.  

“We launched PINK Campus Reps to build a supportive & inspiring community for students and offer real-world experience working with us on campus,” the program says.

“The Campus Rep Program [is] an exclusive on campus program that gives career-focused students the opportunity to gain real-life experience though event planning, marketing and advertising.” 

If Carleton is chosen, Ravens will be getting a red and black VSPINKxCarleton University collegiate clothing line. And The Campus Rep Program will bring PINK branded events and giveaways to the Carleton campus.  Keep checking @vspink for voting and to follow the rounds.

Nairah Ahmed

Carleton '22

Nairah Ahmed is a down-to-earth, girl next door who found her way into studying Journalism and Law at Carleton. Originally from Mississauga, Nairah is a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms enthusiast and enjoys talking about anything Disney Channel related. Hopeful to become a South Asian Elle Woods, she strives to build community through her storytelling and journalism.
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