Photo Story: Ottawa's Climate Strike

Carleton University students getting ready to participate in Ottawa's Climate Strike on Friday. Photo by Sherlyn Assam.
Students wait to ride the O-Train downtown to join thousands of people fighting against climate change. Photo by Sherlyn Assam.
On Friday, a team of students at Carleton organized a meet-up for anyone interested in attending the strike. Photo by Sherlyn Assam.
Jerry Provost, Provost and VP (Academic) at Carleton released a statement saying all students were encouraged to participate but still remained responsible for their academic duties. Photo by Sherlyn Assam.
Students, elderly, children and pets alike participated together in Friday's climate strike. Photo by Mariam Abdel-Akher.
"Hey, ho, climate change has got to go!" was just one of a few cheers ringing through Ottawa's core. Photo by Sherlyn Assam.
Several people held posters with witty captions as they marched. Photo by Sherlyn Assam.
Thousands gathered at Parliament Hill at the end of the strike. Photo by Mariam Abdel-Akher.