Ottawa's Best Pizza Places

Personally, I think pizza should be considered its own food group. You can have it as drunk food, greasy comfort food, quick/take out or even as fancy food in an upscale restaurant. You can eat it in different forms: thin crust, thick crust, stuffed or deep dish.  As well as with almost any kinds of ingredients, therefore making it suitable for: picky eaters, meat lovers, veggies and vegans. Obviously, my love for pizza has only increased in university, probably because of convenience, and my boyfriend and I sort of made it our thing for date nights. Anyways, this resulted in us trying some pretty awesome Ottawa pizza places fitting for almost all the categories in which you can eat it! So, if you are love pizza too, or are even just curious for some new food spots to try – I’ve compiled a list of some Ottawa’s finest (pizza spots that is).


  1. 1. The Grand Pizzeria and Bar

    First off - a local Ottawa fan favorite, situated in the ByWard Market is – The Grand Pizzeria and Bar. This pizzeria is located at 74 George St. and definitely falls more into the comfort food and chill restaurant category. It has specific sections on their menu for both white pizzas, signature pizzas, pizza rolls and vegetarian options. My personal favourite is the Mercato – mozzarella, arugula, shaved parmigiano and prosciutto.

  2. 2. Anthony's

    Second is Anthony’s – which has two locations; one in the Glebe and one more west in the Wellington Village area. We tried out the one in the glebe which is on 753 Bank St. This location was on the upscale side and serves delicious wood-fired pizzas. According to The Food Network, it is “1 of the 12 best pizzerias across Canada worth travelling for.” Although they offer more pizza options at the location in Wellington Village area, the Bank street location serves the most popular ones. Both locations also offer a gluten free crust option.

  3. 3. Say Cheese

    The third pizza place on this list most certainly fits the greasy comfort food category as well as the quick/ take out and drunk food ones and is called Say Cheese. This spot is located south of billings bridge area close to Heron Rd. at 1581 Bank Street and lives up to its name as it serves the perfect cheesy pizza. Say Cheese serves three sizes of pizza – the selfie, the buddy and the groupie. Amongst pizza, Say Cheese also serves other particularly cheesy foods – a multitude of poutines and starters such as mozzarella sticks.

  4. 4. Crust & Crate Fast Fired Pizza Pub

    The fourth: Crust & Crate Fast Fired Pizza Pub has two locations, one in the Glebe and one in Gloucester. However, the one we went to is located in (the Glebe) Lansdowne Park at 325 Marché Way #105. This is certainly the upscale restaurant type of pizza category, decorated with chic décor and has an impressive cocktail menu. I mean the kind of upscale where you kind of question if you should be using a knife and fork to eat your pizza. I had the Mario’s Shopping Kart – shaved prosciutto, shredded parmesan, raw pear, baby arugula and balsamic syrup, which I would definitely recommend.

  5. 5. Score Pizza

    The fifth and final pizza spot on this list is Score Pizza located in the Rideau Centre at 50 Rideau St. with another Ottawa location in the Glebe coming soon. This location is more relaxed and can be a dine in or take away experience. It offers the option of making your own pizza or choosing from one of theirs

So, although the Ottawa pizza scene isn’t huge, these are some of my favourites and ones I would definitely recommend. Hopefully they’ll become some of your favourites as well.