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Ottawa’s Best Food Trucks


Ottawa has had fries, hot dogs and poutine for years but only recently did the city approve a new plan to get more diverse fare out on the streets.  Here are five of the most enticing food trucks in the city!


Dosa Inc.


If you’re looking for something a little different, try Dosa Inc. This truck at Somerset and Lyon serves up South Indian style crepes called “dosas.” They’re made from lentils, are gluten-free and vegetarian, and come with a nice side of condiments and lentil chips. You can have them any way you want – plain ($5), stuffed with broccoli and mushrooms ($8), or filled with ice cream and cherries ($8). We thought the dishes (and the tea) could have been heated up longer, but being able to enjoy lunch right in front of the truck at Dundonald Park made up for it.


Angry Dragonz



Angry Dragonz is one of downtown Ottawa’s popular new food trucks.  The truck, with large red dragon decals decorating the sides, sticks out on the corner of Gloucester and Lyon.  The “asian fusion” menu includes a variety of starters, rice bowls, noodles and desserts. The helpings are generous and well presented, although the lack of seating around the truck made it difficult to eat your meal with chopsticks. Once you do eat your meal however, you are overwhelmed with flavour and delicious scents.  The interesting takes on classics such as curry and pad thai ($8) are a pleasant surprise.  Angry Dragonz is definitely worth a visit.


Red Roaster


Red Roaster, located on Bank and Clemow, is a great place to grab a sandwich and side. Conveniently, the truck is located next to a park, which gives you a nice place to enjoy your meal.  The food is good, the service is fast and although it’s hard to mess up sweet potato fries, these ones are particularly good ($3.50). They are crispy and seasoned to perfection.  Red Roaster is open during the lunch hour only so be sure to head down before they sell out.


Urban Cowboy

Luckily for Carleton students, this mobile eatery is just down the street at Bank and Glen, and the food is just awesome. We both agree that the Umami Shrimp Taco ($5) – it has more ingredients than would fit here – is one of the best things we’d ever tasted. There’s also mac n’ cheese ($4), tempura sweet potatoes fries ($4), and the locally sourced Belcher Burger ($6). Some of the mains are a little small, so if you’re here for lunch, pay a few bucks more and upgrade to a combo.


Ad Mare


The large, bright blue and nautically themed truck catches your eye from a block away.  So does the long lineup and loads of people scattered on the nearby steps, enjoying delicious seafood.  Ad Mare, on the corner of Slater and O’Connor is a downtown hotspot.  The truck serves up delectably fresh seafood every lunch hour.  Although the prices are a bit steep, you definitely get what you pay for.  Lobster rolls ($15), fish and chips ($10) and fish tacos ($10) often occupy the menu. Each item is accompanied by either a generous helping of salad or veggie chips and slaw. If you need a quick and delicious seafood fix, check out Ad Mare.



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