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Ottawa Artists and Small Businesses with Cute and Affordable Gifts

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping, and although it can be exciting and rewarding, it can also be… well, tedious at times. Whether it’s trying to watch your budget or having no idea what to get for that one person you drew for Secret Santa, wanting to find a meaningful gift instead of shoving a gift card in an envelope and calling it a day can be tricky. 

However, since holiday shopping is one of the biggest activities during this time of year, shoppers can attend different craft shows and flea markets to find hand-crafted products from small businesses and artists! If you’re looking for a small, thoughtful gift while also wanting to support small artists, check out these businesses located here in the capital city that are sure to have something in store for you.

Artbaby & co.

Artbaby & Co sells vibrant, vintage-inspired prints, cards, and hand-drawn stickers that are sure to add colour to your walls or laptop! Their prints range from portraits of iconic artists such as Dolly Parton or Cher, minimalist designs, and quotes. One of their best-selling pieces is custom Spotify song prints, where customers can choose their favourite song and have its album cover printed with a time stamp underneath it. These prints, in particular, are the ideal gift for your friends who are constantly making Spotify playlists on the go and are always one to lend you their music recommendations. 

Floral Sweeties

Pressed flowers and plants are all the rage and make for pretty decor and jewellery! Floral Sweeties uses hand-picked flowers that are preserved in resin for beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. But that’s not all – this small business also handcrafts sun catchers featuring charms made of pressed flowers and resin that sparkle with the sun’s reflection. If pressed flowers are your go-to, check them out!

Made By Maddy

Love pressed flowers but not a jewellery wearer? Or perhaps you’re looking for other decor and items that are the same style? No problem! Made By Maddy also makes pressed flower/resin items such as bookmarks, keychains, hair accessories, coasters, and more. They also sell preserved flower arrangements placed in frames that make for pretty room decor. No matter who you’re trying to find a gift for this holiday season, Made by Maddy has a floral-infused gift for you.

Studio Peachy

Studio Peachy makes fun and colourful accessories for anyone to enjoy! Ranging from their eclectic variety of earrings (strawberries, eggs, flowers, and disco balls, to name a few) to their handmade chained mirrors that feature similar designs, those who are looking to spruce up their wardrobe or walls with a bit of imagination and glow can find something that will catch their eye. Studio Peachy also makes adorable pins to add to your favourite jacket or bag and acrylic keychains!

Creatiph Designs

Looking for a soft and adorable gift? CreaTiph crochets different plushies by hand that are sure to warm the hearts of whoever you’re shopping for. The options are endless – turtles, strawberries, mushrooms, birds, and more! However, if plushies aren’t what you’re leaning toward, she also makes hats and scarves that are sure to be just as cozy.

Like what you see? Check these artists out and see when they’ll be at a craft show near you!

Audrey Pridham

Carleton '25

Audrey is a second-year student double majoring in Journalism and Communication & Media Studies! Along with Her Campus, she is also involved with The Charlatan and Carleton's Journalism Society. When she's not busy writing, Audrey loves discovering new movies and music, geeking out over theatre, reading, and going out for boba tea.