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New Year, New Home: Moving Out For the First Time

A new year brings many changes and new adventures. For me, it was moving out of my parents’ house. Back in my first year of university, I moved onto the campus residence yet it felt more like a giant summer camp. Due to the pandemic, I moved back home and have been there for the last two years. Although I lived to tell the tale of the dorm experience, it never quite felt like I moved away until moving into my first apartment this month. Here are my feelings after a week on my own.

it’s Emotional

Moving out for the first time has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Excitement was there from the moment my roommates and I signed the lease — thinking about how I’d decorate my room, talking about movie nights with my best friends and already planning meals that I’d realistically never actually have the time to make. Surprisingly, the scary side of things didn’t hit me until a few days before the big move.

There is something so weird about packing up years of your life into a few large boxes. As I was packing, I could see little pieces of myself gradually disappearing from my childhood bedroom. On the day of the move, I found myself procrastinating. Finding little things to be done that probably could’ve waited. Even taking a few extra minutes to leave the driveway. Though, once I finally did leave, the adventure ahead of me was finally beginning and I couldn’t be more happy.

Independence is good

Freedom! Finally being in my own place, unpacking my belongings and making it feel like home. For many, newfound independence is scary. This sounds weird, but sometimes feeling a little nervous is healthy and becomes proof that you are growing. Don’t let fear stop you from learning and creating new experiences for yourself!

Personally, I wasn’t scared about this part. Even with my parents, I’ve always been a pretty independent person. I can drive, cook, do laundry and even make a doctor’s appointment (although that one is pretty nerve-wracking). Being away, I still have new responsibilities. Like grocery shopping, making dinner for myself every night, making sure the garbage goes out and setting up billing accounts. These are all very new tasks, or at least things that I didn’t have to think about as often while living with my parents.

The exciting part: there’s more to come! I know I will run into so many things on my own that I still haven’t discovered. It’s both terrifying and exhilarating!

Final thoughts

After going through the whole process of moving, the truth is: it’s scary. It’s not easy to leave your old life behind and start fresh in a new city. The good news: it is SO worth it. As much as I love my parents, it’s great to have a little extra independence — even if that’s just putting the dishes away the next morning because you’re too tired to do it right after dinner. If you are somebody who’s been unsure about moving, I strongly encourage you to take a little leap of faith and go for it. Truly, moving out brings you so many new experiences, memories and personal growth.

Emma is a third year communication and media studies student at Carleton University. She is often found talking about pop-culture, or trying the newest Starbucks drink. She also loves musical theatre, collecting vinyl records and is a huge Ariana Grande fan. Social media and marketing director for the 2021/22 Her Campus Carleton team!
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