My Skincare Holy Grails — Good Additions For Your Christmas Wishlist

I have always been very fortunate to have good skin, as I am aware of how difficult having troubling skin can be to your confidence. Although, I do follow some pretty regimented lifestyle choices, such as drinking plenty of water and cutting out all dairy products. Both of these tricks, not only make a difference to my skin but also to my overall health and wellbeing.

However, in addition to living a healthy lifestyle, following a good skincare regime makes a huge difference to the appearance of my skin as well. Here are some of my current favourite skincare products, which have helped me in my mission to achieve the perfectly dewy looking skin that is plastered all over social media.

  1. If you are going to only buy one product on this list, it has to be this toner from Ren Skincare. I cannot recommend this product more! After using this Toner for about three months now, I have noticed a reduction in my pore size, and my complexion is so much more even. Most importantly, it gives my skin the most natural and beautiful glow ever. I love that this product really lifts the dirt from my skin. It is the perfect last step to cleansing before applying moisturizer back into my skin, as I feel very assured that it removes any buildup that would prevent my moisturizer from soaking into my skin. Lastly, I love that this product does not contain any harsh chemicals, so it is not stripping your skin. Plus it is still gentle enough that you can use it every day.

  2. These reusable makeup pads are the perfect pairing to the Ren Toner. Recently, I stopped to think about how many makeup wipes, cotton balls, and cotton pads I have used, and how bad that must be for the planet, due to their single use. Then I figured, there must be some sort of reusable option, so I looked on Amazon and sure enough there is! I am now in love with my reusable makeup remover pads, the quality is great, and it is so easy to clean them. I can now also ensure I’m getting off every last bit of my makeup, without compromising the planet at the same time.

  3. After standing in line outside of the Glossier store, baking in the heat on Melrose Avenue, I can officially say it was worth it after using these products from Glossier. What I love so much about Glossier’s products is that they are so minimal, I never feel as if my skin is being harshly stripped or becoming greasy. In addition, the products do not have strong perfumes, which I like to avoid in my skincare. My favorite part about the face cream is that it is not overly thick, but instead rather buildable, so I never feel as though I have cream just sitting on my face. I also love the fact that Glossier does not charge you your life’s savings for good quality skincare. Yes, I can officially say that Glossier is totally worth the hype and you should definitely try it out!

  4. I have an obsession with the Vogue celebrity skincare routine videos. So after seeing nearly every celebrity use a jade roller on their face, I was kind of desperate to try one. However, if I’m being honest I wasn’t sure if it was kind of a scam and just cute looking, or If it would actually benefit my skin in anyway. So one day, when I was waiting in the checkout line at Sephora and I saw the Herbivore jade roller from the corner of my eye, I decided that I would test it out (but not without putting a dent in my bank account if I must admit). Anyways, I have to say that I really do love my jade roller, I love the way it feels on my skin. Ultimately, the jade roller’s purpose is for increasing blood flow and reducing puffiness and swelling. I have heard that one will only see the true effects of a jade roller if used daily.

    Pro tip: leave your jade roller in the fridge for the ultimate experience, as the cold jade is majorly soothing and refreshing on the skin. 

So if you're looking to achieve dewy skin, look no further than these products. Maybe even sneak a few on to a Christmas wish list.