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The Music of Star Wars: An Ode to an Orchestral Masterpiece – Check it out Ottawa

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Carleton chapter.

Star Wars has been with me all throughout my life. I started watching the films at the mere age of seven with my dad by my side through all of it, and it has encapsulated me ever since. The soundtrack is an integral part of what Star Wars is. John Williams was responsible for music scores that will never go unrecognized, from signifying battle scenes, to amplifying a person’s emotions when reuniting with a loved one, the soundtracks has created the atmospheres the movies are known for. 

As Jonathan Dagenais, Principal Pops Conductor, described, this soundtrack is like having something on your shoulders all throughout the movies, amplifying the tone of the scene and the emotional depth along with it.

As the conductor, he has a huge role in bringing these pieces to life, and by cracking a few jokes and even allowing a child in the audience to conduct a piece, Dagenais made everyone feel like they were a part of the performance. 

Photo by Maisie Sturrock

Set in the spacious Meridian Theatre at Centrepointe, you became a part of a crowd that shared their love for the films. The programme included timeless classics from six of the films, with pieces such as ‘Anakin’s Theme’, ‘The Imperial March’, ‘Duel of the Fates’ and many more. Not the mention the light show that ensued and corresponded to the emotions felt when the pieces were played.  

Ottawa Pops Orchestra, although only a few years old, displayed the lively energy that allowed for these pieces to come to life. The majority of these musicians are young, and this comes with a spirit that cannot be replicated, as they so perfectly encapsulated what it felt like to be right inside of the movies.

Photo by @ottawapops on Instagram 

As you look upon the faces of those that are playing along to the conductor’s queue, it is clear that these musicians are passionate about bringing live and authentic music to as many people as possible. 

Ottawa Pops Orchestra’s goal to expand orchestral music to allow for those that would not usually attend these events to enjoy music in a way that is unlike any other is a feat that one should admire, as I do.

This is done by playing pieces that are not unique to the orchestral community and it’s lovers, but to those performances, movies and plays that have been enjoyed all around the world, inviting all persons to enjoy something that they love, but may have never heard in this capacity.  

If you are a fellow Star Wars fan and need something to do with your family during this holiday weekend, I highly recommend spending your evening listening to The Music of Star Wars, as this orchestra has so much to offer. 

One show will run December 22ndat 7:30pm, and another this Sunday night at 2:30pm. Click here to get tickets and enjoy the show!  

Maisie Sturrock is a second year law and political science student at Carleton University and serves as the current Treasurer for their Her Campus chapter. She considers herself to be especially passionate about LGBTQ+ issues and community involvement. If she has time to spare, she'll be reading a few dozen murder mystery books or listening to music (practically) religiously.
Melanie is a Journalism & Law student at Carleton University that loves to travel and recently studied foreign correspondence abroad in the Czech Republic.