Meet the Her Campus at Carleton Team: Mélanie Ritchot

I’m Melanie, one of the campus correspondents at Her Campus Carleton! 

Looking back at how much we’ve done in the past year as a returning chapter to the campus after a few years without a presence, I feel so proud. We’ve held events and published some amazing content, but more importantly, I’ve gotten to know so many empowering, intelligent, and fun women at Carleton. One of my best memories with my co-campus correspondent Hunza was trying to get the chapter set up in July and doing interviews with HC while in a stairwell of the Reuters buildings in Prague with awful Wi-Fi and voices echoing in the background. It’s so neat to look back and see how far the chapter’s come since then.

Besides HC, I’m also very involved with the Outdoors Club of Carleton. This is where I met the group of friends I always wished I’d have while watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S (yes, we have a Phoebe and a Monica). Without them and the club I wouldn’t have seen half the beautiful places or tried all the new things I have in the past couple years.

I’m in my third year and I love studying journalism and my minor in law. Everywhere in between I try to travel. I’m heading to Peru next week for my first solo backpacking trip (eek!) and in the summer, I’m backpacking with my best friend for a month in South-East Asia. After that I’m hoping to head out for two months on an internship abroad, but I’ll find out about that one soon (send good vibes my way)! 

If you want to get involved with HC and haven’t gotten around to it yet or if you see me around campus and want to chat, please don’t hesitate! Forcing myself to get involved on campus after a rough first year was a turning point and has made me so much happier and allowed me to find my home in Ottawa. I hope that I and the rest of the Carleton HC team can make that happen for even just one of you this year!