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Max Barill ’15

Max BarillAge: 22Hometown: OshawaDegree/Year: International Business, Finance Concentration, Fourth Year

1. In first year, what’s one thing you wanted out of University, and now that you’re graduating, what did you get out of it? I went into my program because of the opportunity to study abroad. I wanted to go to another country and now that I’ve been to Mexico, my focus is to work towards going back after I graduate.

2. Celebrity Crush and why?Natalie Portman, for sure. She has a great smile, first off, and she’s really smart. She graduated from Harvard, got her master’s in Israel. I have to add too that I really like Star Wars.

3. Most embarrassing moment?I was part of a relay race during Frosh week and there was a point where I had to jump over a fence-like obstacle. Someone told me to slow down because I might hurt myself but I thought I would look cool if I went fast. All of a sudden, someone stepped into my path and I fell horizontal to the ground and got hit right between my legs. People thought I was seriously hurt so nobody laughed, which made it more embarrassing.

4. Best date you’ve been on and worst date you’ve been on?Best: I took a girl out in Mexico, drove around in my Jeep around the lake and stopped wherever we wanted to.Worst: For my worst date, the date itself was great, but as we walked out of the bar, someone on the patio above us spit and it hit her head. She freaked out, and I almost had to fight this group of people.

5. If money didn’t matter, what would you do?I would definitely travel a lot. I would go back to South America or a road trip – something I’ve always wanted to do. Just drive across the country and even open a business or two somewhere.

6. Any advice for the first years? Do what you’re passionate about, that’s tough to find, but I mean, I have tons of friends that did what they thought they had to do and now they have a lot of debt. If you know what you want to do, it won’t even feel like school.

7. Guilty pleasure that most people don’t know about. I eat a lot of dill pickles, that’s definitely something. I really like drinking palm bays and ciders because they are delicious.

8. Prefer piercings or tattoos?Tattoos are definitely sexier than a bunch of piercings. I find tattoos more artistic. To be honest, piercings I find you do something to rebel against your parents, but tattoos are more sentimental. You find someone’s work, you appreciate it, it’s almost like you’re an art gallery.

9. Favorite quote and why?“Choose your poison and stick with it” – Anonymous It’s good to be decisive. Find what you want and stick with it.

10. What do you think is the most attractive quality in a girl and why?I find girls who are inclusive of others really attractive. I find most people are afraid to meet strangers. I like a girl that is friendly, goes out of her way, and makes others feel appreciated.

A writer who lives for waffles, travelling and mostly in the moment. I think being able to captivate someone with your intelligence is raw and genuine. Read away my fellow friends, and anytime you can write, do write - they're always valid.
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