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Mackenzie Shuiteboer: Raven’s Rhythm Cheer

1. What does being on the Raven’s Rhythm Cheer Team mean to you?
“Teamwork. We are not just the Raven’s Rhythm Cheer Team, we are also part of all the sports teams in athletics. We may not be playing with them but we are there supporting them and cheering them on. We are part of their team, and they are part of ours.”
2. What advice would you give to those wanting to try out for a team?
“My advice would be to always be energetic. I’ve learnt that energy is key because if you are energetic and look like you are enjoying yourself, the fans who you are trying to motivate need you to be energetic!”
3. What’s one obstacle you faced that has changed your life?
“I was bullied in elementary school, grade eight to be specific. I was quiet and a follower, and I just got on the wrong side of one of the popular girls. She made my whole class pretty much hate me, ignore me, even talk about me while I was sitting right there. It sucked so much. When I went in grade nine, I actually became friends with this girl again since we had all the classes together and in grade 10 she did the same thing to me again, but this time it didn’t work. After this second time, I realized I have to stop caring what people thought, stop following people, and just be myself. My life did a 360 after that, and it was such a big milestone in my life.”  
4. How do you balance dance and school?
“University is very stressful and as I get closer to graduation I find myself more stressed out. But dance is my de-stresser and I always work around my dance classes, because I need those breaks from class.”
5. Any hidden talents?
“I don’t know if it’s considered a talent, but I can eat more than a 300 pound man. I can eat an extra large pizza by myself in one sitting.”
6. What do you think is the most strongest/admirable quality in a girl?
“Confidence and the ability to smile. If a girl can smile and make people smile and laugh, [that’s] the strongest quality in a girl.”
7. Favorite moment of RRCT?
“The Can-Am basketball game at the Canadian Tire Center this past August. It was my first game on the RRCT and it was such a different, exciting experience that I will never forget.”
8. Three things on your bucket list and why
(1) “Swim with dolphins: when I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist, they are my favourite water creature.”
(2) “Travel & Taste The World: this is on everyone’s bucket list I think, and it is on mine because I not only want to travel and see the world, but I also want to taste all the foreign foods around the world, since I love food.”
(3) “Ride an elephant: I don’t know why, I’ve always loved elephants when I was a kid and it’s just something I would love to do!”
9. Why is dance important to you
“I live and breathe dance. I’ve done it all my life, so it is my life. I don’t know how to explain why it is so important to me, but it just does something to me and calms me.”
10. What’s one thing about you that people wouldn’t know about
“I have a fake tooth. In grade four I ran into a wall and shattered my front tooth.”
A writer who lives for waffles, travelling and mostly in the moment. I think being able to captivate someone with your intelligence is raw and genuine. Read away my fellow friends, and anytime you can write, do write - they're always valid.
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