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Kyle Gray, ’14

Name: Kyle Gray
Program/Year: Journalism, Fourth-Year
Relationship status: In A Relationship

What do you like about living in Ottawa?

I love how clean Ottawa is. The best thing about this city is its size. It’s a city but doesn’t feel overwhelming. And it’s so clean!

Which would you want more: cake/pie or pie/cake? 

I would want more pie than cake.

Text or Call? 


Do you have a favourite meal you like to cook for your SO?

He loves when I make him stir fry.

What’s your perfect Saturday night?

My perfect Saturday night is to go out to a nice restaurant and then dance it off after at a club.

If you were to get into a fight with your SO, how would you solve it?

Some fights need some time and space, the more serious need a conversation. Always choose your battles.

Jasmine Williams is a fourth-year Journalism major, pursuing a minor in Film Studies at Carleton University. An internship at a recently launched online magazine prepared her for her new, exciting role as Campus Correspondent for Carleton University. She is never too far away from her iPhone and in her spare time, you can find her scrolling through various tumblr blogs while listening to Kings of Leon. After university, she hopes to pursue a career in online journalism.
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