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HC Carleton Execs: Our Winter Favourites

Grab a cup of hot cocoa and put on your fuzziest socks, because winter has arrived and the Her Campus at Carleton Exec team is here for it! To celebrate the snowiest season of the year, I asked our execs to share some of their favourite parts about winter. This list will surely inspire you to lace up your skates and enjoy the coziness of the cold!

Seasonal candles – Rawan Youssef, Campus Correspondent

Candles are my absolute favourite winter staple. While they aren’t exactly limited to the wintertime and can be lit all year round, there’s something about having their subtle scent wrap around you on a cold December evening. I especially adore warm, sweet scents like vanilla, coconut, pumpkin spice, and caramel. They set the perfect peaceful tone in any room I’m in — with some serene flute music in the background and the snow gently falling outside my window, a candle’s calm flickering glow is the best company to have as I sit curled up in my blankets and fuzzy socks writing my whimsical late-night stories.

Tobogganing fun – Sydney Powell-Goldsmith, Social Media & Marketing Director

My favourite thing to do in the winter is to go tobogganing at the Dominion Arboretum in Ottawa. I have been going every year since I was a kid and some of my best childhood memories are spending time with my dad on that hill. To this day, I can still vividly remember the sled we had growing up and how insanely fast it would go, and how much of a thrill I would get from whipping down the steep side of the mountain. 

A couple of years ago, I began tobogganing again with my best friends. At first, we kind of went as a joke because we thought it was sort of silly and childish, but it was still a blast! It’s honestly hilarious watching your friend get their butt soaked when they go flying off of their toboggan (while also comparing yourself to all the children who have become so much braver than you as you’ve become significantly more aware of the physical harms that can arise when speeding down a mountain!). And the best part of tobogganing is that it’s actually an incredible workout since you have to walk up a huge hill every two minutes to be able to go down it again. 

Winter fashion – Sherlly Russel-Kingsley, Social Media & Marketing Team Member

My favourite thing about winter would be winter outfits! When I was young, I hated layering, looking all puffed up with uncomfortable layers rolled up at random places. However, winter became my ultimate time to shine as I grew older and got a better taste in fashion. Unlike summer when we keep things simple and limited, I can go all out during winter. There are a million combinations of outfits I could come up with when I have places to go. Though I like dressing for winter, I hate being out during winter! My relationship with winter… well, it’s complicated.

Family traditions – Ashley Hermalin, Junior Editor

It wasn’t until I wasn’t at home that I really began to appreciate the holiday that came about every winter. It was not by far the most important holiday – maybe it’s the one people reference the most, one that has a recognizable symbol, and one that people find easy to compare to its other winter counterparts. But being away from home and still lighting the menorah each night made me feel like I was back with my family. My roommate and I, every night, would FaceTime my grandparents to say the prayer over the candles with them. Seeing their proud faces as they watched their granddaughter continuing a tradition rooted in perseverance – nothing else could compare.

Snowy Hikes – Rachel Fiset, Junior Editor

As one who is constantly cold to begin with, I definitely enjoy the warmer months more. But, when I get to hike in a fresh snowfall, I’m reminded that winter isn’t so bad! So, one of my absolute favourite things about winter is the hikes that I go on with my family. There’s something about the crunching snow under my feet, the brightness of it almost blinding me from the sun’s reflection, and the bits of it slowly shaking off the evergreens and onto my face that have me feeling giddy about the cold weather. It’s a cherished time where I get to sip on steaming hot chocolate and take a moment to talk with my family. Sometimes I let out my inner child and slide down the hills of the trail with my brother, breathing in the crisp, fresh air. I especially love seeing my dog’s little paw prints leave fresh tracks in the snow! 

Holiday shopping – Rianna Lim, Senior Editor

My favourite winter activity is holiday shopping with my mom! She and I have a tradition that we’ve done every single year since I was a little kid. A couple of weeks before Christmas, we’ll go shopping downtown and buy presents for all of our family members, then we’ll have a look at the pretty winter lights and decorations in the city. Then, we’ll finish off the day with a fancy dinner, and when we get home we’ll watch a cheesy holiday movie with some tea! It’s something I look forward to every winter, and as soon as the snow starts falling I know that it’s something I can start getting excited about.

Ottawa Ice Skating – Krissy Draper, Events Director

One of my favourite winter traditions is going skating outdoors! As someone who grew up playing hockey my entire life, I have always loved skating but there is something different about skating outdoors in the winter. It is always so beautiful out because you get to see the snow on the trees and be all bundled up! Some of my favourite places in Ottawa to skate are the Rideau Canal (obviously), especially near downtown so you can see Parliament Hill. I also love the Sens Rink of Dreams at Ottawa City Hall; they’re both so beautiful and always a great skate!

Cozy winter baking – Emma Hodgson, Events Team Member

Although I’m not a huge fan of the cold, the winter season brings so much joy to my life. I love everything from the sparkly lights, cozy sweaters, and hot chocolate, but one of my favourite things about winter has to be holiday baking. There’s nothing more fun than getting together with a friend or family member, blasting Christmas music, and snacking on cookie dough! Plus, nothing beats the smell of fresh-baked treats filling the entire house. Last year, I made Taylor Swift’s chai sugar cookies and they did not disappoint. So, if you’re looking for something new to try, go look up the recipe and you won’t regret it! Baking brings people together in such a fun way and there are always new recipes to try, which is why it is my winter favourite

Even more baking – Cassandra Richardson, Treasurer

My winter favourite is definitely Christmas baking! I always bake a lot with my family for the holidays, and we always end up making too much and freezing leftovers for weeks. My personal favourite is peppermint fudge –– it’s delicious and it always puts me in the Christmas spirit. As soon as it’s December, I love putting on a Christmas movie and whipping up some cookies. It’s super festive and it makes great homemade gifts too!

Whether you’re speed skating along the Rideau Canal or racing down a snowy hill on a sled with your friends, the Her Campus at Carleton exec team wishes you a safe and happy winter!

Rianna Lim

Carleton '23

Rianna Lim is a journalism and political science double major at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. She is a former Her Campus National Writer and the 2021-22 Senior Editor for Her Campus at Carleton (and loving it!). She is a passionate reader, London fog lover, and baseball fan. Be sure to send her your book recommendations and follow her on Instagram @riannaway!
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