This is a Guide to Ottawa's Best Coffee Shops

Who doesn't like coffee shops? The warm enviornment, the quiet talk, the friendly baristas. There's nothing more chill then just sitting and enjoying a cup of joe at your favorite coffee place. But, maybe you want a change of scenery? That's where I come in. This is a guide to Ottawa's best coffee shops. 

Happy Goat Coffee Company, 1091 Bank St.

Photo by Tia Riarh

This adorable coffee house is the ideal spot for any students looking to get through a pile of assignments or to stop and take a break after a long day at work. It gives off a comfortable quiet vibe, with good boho-type music and amazing service. Happy Goat Coffee Company makes a mean cup of coffee, but if you’re feeling peckish, they also have great breakfast and lunch options all at reasonable student friendly prices.

Aside from coffee, breakfast and lunch, they also sell alcohol making this a great spot for an intimate, Instagram worthy date. For you true coffee lovers, Happy Goat also sells their blends, so you can bring their amazing tasting coffee into your own home.

With four locations open around Ottawa, one of which is less than a 10-minute bus ride from Carleton, this is a must visit coffee house for any coffee lover.

Origin Trade, 111 York St.

Photo by Tia Riarh

This coffee house and wine bar is undoubtably one of Ottawa’s most darling hidden spots. Inside gives off a modern yet rustic feel with a large classic clock and comfy leather couches.

They make a strong cup of coffee perfect for any coffee connoisseurs. It is also a great place to get some work done, with all its spacious seating and cozy feel. It would also be the perfect spot for a cute coffee date and is undeniably Instagram-able. If nothing thus far has pulled you in, come to Origin Trade for their open mic night, singing or just watching while enjoying a coffee or wine–it all adds up to a great time.

Black Squirrel Books and Espresso Bar, 1073 Bank St.

Photo by Tia Riarh

Pictures do not do this coffee house justice. Just down the road from Happy Goat Coffee Company you can find this absolute gem. With its locally roasted coffee, craft beer and biodynamic wines, this is a coffee house that is a must-visit.

Giving off a 90s family vibe, this coffee house is decorated with the used books it buys and sells, stacked in a way that can only be described as 'organized chaos.' Aside from the hundreds of books, there is chess and checkers left out for customers to play, while they enjoy a great cup of coffee. We suggest you come on down to this coffee house for one of the many events held there weekly. You can thank us later!

Little Victories Coffee Roasters, 801 Bank St. 

Photo by Tia Riarh

This quaint coffee house gives off chic minimalist vibes and would be perfect for a cute picture. It may not have a lot of room, but there is no doubt it would make for a great place to meet up for a good cup of coffee.

With its combination of modern pop culture and good prices, this coffee shop would be worth the visit if you’re ever in the area.

Oh So Good, 25 York St. 

Photo by Tia Riarh

There is no better pair than coffee and a slice of cake, which is why this charming desserts and coffee house is a must visit location on Ottawa.

With so many options to choose from there is something for everyone. Oh So Good is currently under construction, and so the back of the shop is not open but the rest of the shop remains open for business. Visit it now or come back when they are done their expansion. Either way, we suggest you check them out!

Sweet Bite, 769 Bank St. 

Photo by Tia Riarh

This last option, though adorable wouldn’t quite classify as a coffee shop. It’s a bit more 'coffee and pastries,' but it was just so cute it had to be included on this list.

Aside from a delicious and well priced cup of coffee, they also sell pastries that are to die for. The whole shop is Paris themed, so if you ever feel like heading to Europe for an hour, feel free to go to to Sweet Bite. Highly recommended for your next cheat day, free afternoon or a meet up with friends.


Exam season is coming up Carleton, so get ready to study. Maybe these coffee shops will help you with the end-of-year exam pain you must be feeling?