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Groupon: Splurge While You Save!

Being a student is tough: stressful deadlines, debt from tuition, and too many Mr. Noodle dinners. Sometimes we collegiettes need a break. We need to spend time and money on ourselves. This is tough on a student budget, but that’s where Groupon comes to the rescue.
Groupon is a company that offers daily deals on food, fashion, adventure, and more. The name Groupon combines ‘group’ and ‘coupon’. By offering a deal to a new restaurant or theatre performance, it motivates people to get off the couch and out into their city. This daily offer, which is emailed to your inbox every morning, highlights the hidden gems of your local city.
My first Groupon purchase was from Atlantis Beauty Spa. I had been getting emails for about three weeks and had been noticing some of the fabulous spa deals. As a student, I don’t have the money to get massages regularly but after a couple of all-nighters during mid-term season I could sure use one! I bought a spa package that included a candlelight massage, “Perk-Me-Up” facial, and a hand treatment. The total value of my treatment was $124 but I only paid $59. That’s over 55% off!

Like all Groupons there was an expiry date on my deal, if I did not use my voucher before its expiration date I would have to use that $59 voucher on a different deal some other time. Your money never expires but the special deal of the day does!
In order for Groupon to send you deals that you’re interested, in you must create a profile. This way the email Groupon sends you each day is personalized and your Groupon experience is maximized. My profile interests include: “Healthy Living”,“Girls Night Out”,“Foodie”,“Pampered”,  “Adrenaline”,“Threads”, and “Will Call”.
Groupon’s philosophy is to treat their customers the way they like to be treated. This is done in three ways. The first “we sell stuff we want to buy” is self-explanatory. The second, “No BS” makes all Groupon customers feel comfortable and safe with their purchase. There are no “gotchas” when you buy a Groupon. The conditions, and otherwise ‘small print’, of each deal is detailed under every item. And lastly, Groupon prides itself on unbelievable customer service. Each deal has a comment section that allows you as a customers to interact with the business owner and Groupon customer support employees. 
Groupon also allows you to “share” your deal with friends and will often reward for it. Similarly, every time you refer a friend, Groupon awards you $10.
My first Groupon experience at Atlantis Beauty Spa was amazing. It was certainly worth the full price of the service ($124) but I felt better about my purchase because Groupon gave me plus 55% off ($59).  As collegiettes, we simply cannot afford to get a pedicure whenever our hearts desire but Groupon allows its customers to save money while they do something nice for themselves.

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