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Great Christmas Gifts You Don’t Need Amazon Prime For

Are you feeling the pressure of Christmas season? Are you useless with DIY? Did you miss out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but have too much pride to wait for Boxing Day? Well, there are some great gifts you don’t need to spend hours find in-store or online searching for that your friends and family are sure to love and appreciate. 


Local Artist’s Work

Does your sister sport a beret? Are your brother’s t-shirts unironically splattered with paint? Does your mom wear overalls? Well, the gift of art is unparalleled (if you know their taste). One look through Instagram stories and pinned tweets on Twitter will show you there are plenty of talented artists trying to sell their art. You can be the special costumer to make their sale, support local art, and give your loved one a unique Christmas gift. Be sure to remember art etiquette. Do not ask artists for “friend” discounts or belittle the price they give you. They’ve put labour and countless hours into their work, which is ultimately their income.


As someone who loves body art, but at times, can’t even afford gas, the gift of tattoos is truly special. Find their favourite tattoo parlour to surprise them with a gift card. If you already know where they want their next tattoo, make them an appointment and surprise them on an outing by driving them to the shop. Give them a card explaining their next appointment is your treat. Whichever way you decide to do it, tattoo fanatics will love you as much as the artists poking ink into their skin for the next hour. But please, don’t forget to tip your artist!


See tattoo above. Surprising your friends or family with their newest accessory is a great gift they will use every day and remember you by.


Do you have someone in your life who is always on the go? Is their planner a mess of appointments, assignments, and work? Well, forcing them to pencil in this activity will definitely be welcomed (if they do not mind being touched by strangers). Spa retreats and massage parlours offer gift cards and certificates to treat the people in our lives who may need help slowing down. If you can rally them long enough to grant them an hour of solitude, they will surely appreciate it more than a gift card to a store they frequent several times a year.


Do not underestimate the power of a Petro card. If the people in your life are not restricted to public transportation, consider helping them with their gas money. Filling a car can add up by the end of the month, whether one drives everywhere or just to make trip to parts of the city that are just out of reach. Assisting them the gift of travel will light up their world – and possibly allow you to spend more time with each other, since transportation is one less barrier.

Another great thing about these gifts is their ability to be shared with others. If your wallet is a little tight this holiday season, don’t be afraid to double-team on presents to make someone else’s gift come true. 

There are plenty of gifts outside department stores and internet retail giants. Take a look at what your loved ones are passionate about and what would make a busy week easier on them to give them the gifts that will bring smiles to their faces.

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