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Eleven Step Routine To Achieve The Perfect Glowy No-Makeup Makeup Look

I’m sure you’ve seen on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, that the OG Kardashian/beauty guru, caked-on, beat face of makeup is not so popular anymore. In its place, people are now opting for a more natural dewy look, by using much more lightweight products, also known as “no-makeup makeup”. Below is a step-by-step tutorial, along with some incredible product recommendations for achieving the perfect glowy no-makeup makeup look.

Face Wash

Starting with a clean and fresh base is an essential part of achieving the glowy no-makeup makeup look. I love the CeraVe “Hydrating Facial Cleanser” because its ingredients are generally pretty clean, while also being incredibly moisturizing, which helps contribute to that glowy complexion we are aiming for. As well, the price to product ratio is incomparably better than other well-known facial cleansers. 


This is the most important step out of all the steps. I always tell people, if they are going to buy one “luxury” skincare product that this is the one to buy. The “Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic” from Ren Skincare, is a combo of both a toner and exfoliant, which leaves your skin absolutely glowing. I’m not kidding, light literally reflects off your skin when you use this product. It’s magic. 


Using a good moisturizer is also an essential part of creating a glowing base for this makeup look. I personally like to use the Drunk Elephant “Prontini Polypeptide Cream”, which I definitely recommend due to the fact that it is a very clean product, filled with loads of great vitamins for the skin.

Tinted Sunscreen

When I was younger I used to hate it when my mother would lather my face in sunscreen. Since then, I have learned the importance of facial sunscreen in being a huge preventative and affordable anti-aging treatment. This slightly tinted sunscreen from Supergoop is an incredible sun protectant, formed without harsh chemicals. It has a lovely lightweight texture and does not have that same strong smell traditional sunscreens have. While also offering a beautifully warm tinted glow to the skin, which helps to create that glowy no-makeup makeup look, we are all striving for.

Cream Bronzer

Bronzer is great because it warms up your face, which helps to give the effect that you’ve spent lots of time in the outdoors. What I love about the Physicians Formula “Butter Bronzer” (as well as other cream bronzers), is that it gives a more second skin natural look, rather than the cakey powdery finish that many other powder bronzers give off. What’s also great about the “Butter Bronzer” is that it applies with the ease of a powdered bronzer, but has the finish of a cream bronzer. I also love to use a little bit of bronzer as eyeshadow, as it completes the makeup look, without being as overpowering as regular eyeshadow.

Cream Blush

Similar to a cream bronzer, a cream blush is an essential part of creating the glowy no-makeup makeup look. The “Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blush” is applied with your fingertips, and goes on for such a natural finish, leaving your cheeks with the appearance of looking beautifully naturally rosie.

Curl Lashes

As you can probably tell, I like to keep my makeup routine simple. However, in order to make this natural makeup look really pop, having full voluminous curled eyelashes is an essential part of bringing this natural-looking, no-makeup makeup look together. I am not a huge fan of eyelash curlers, I think they can be extremely damaging to your eyelashes, if not careful. That’s why I did hours of research trying to find the perfect curler, and my research has led me to this amazing, yet still gentle, curler from SHISEIDO, of which I could not recommend more.


Everyone has their own preferred mascara, however, if I could import one wise word of wisdom, it would be a reminder that you should check what ingredients are in your mascara before you put it right next to your eyes. So many mascaras are filled with harmful chemicals that are very dangerous to put right next to one of the most valuable parts of your body. Therefore, our natural-looking makeup look wouldn’t be so natural if it was filled with chemicals. For this reason, I recommend using a more natural mascara. I highly recommend the “Limitless Lash Mascara” from ILIA, however, many brands make great natural mascaras at all different price points.

Brow Freeze

As you are probably aware by now, the sharp angular beauty guru brows from 2016 are thankfully long gone, and here to replace them (and hopefully to stay) are a more natural wispy brow. You may have seen the soap brow trend made popular on TikTok, well the “Brow Freeze” from Anastasia Beverly Hills gives the exact same effect as the soap brow, however, holds your brows in place all day long, while still looking incredibly natural and not the slightest overdone. 

Tinted Lip Jelly (Replacement for Highlighter)

It’s definitely time for powdered strobing highlights to take a back seat because plastering rosegold sparkles all over your face does not by any means look natural. Instead, I like to take my tinted “Lip Jelly” from Tower 28 Beauty, and dab and blend that with my fingers into the high points of my cheekbones. Not only does this add some more colour to my face, making it look like I’ve spent lots of time in the sun, but the dewiness of the gloss catches the light in a way that gives off a beautiful and natural glow to your skin.

Clear Lip Jelly (…for your lips this time)

To complete your natural glowy no-makeup makeup look, a clear gloss is all that you need, I love the Tower 28 Beauty “Lip Jelly” in the shade “Chill”. It’s super simple and not overpowering or overdone in any way, but it’s still enough to draw attention to your beautiful lips and bring that beautiful makeup look together. Matte, overlined, 2016 Kylie Jenner lips be gone! 

I hope you enjoy trying out this natural glowy no-makeup makeup look or even simply enjoy trying out some of these product recommendations. But remember, the most important part of creating the look of glowy skin is by starting on the inside, make sure to drink lots of water, and try to get some good rest!

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