DivaCup Review: It'll Solve All Your Lady Problems

The period: something all women have to endure once a month for two to seven days. How a woman chooses to maintain the flow is up to her. From tampons, to pads, to free bleeding and modes of birth control that stop it all together. It’s her choice.

So I as a woman made the choice to try DivaCup after I heard multiple others discuss this new form of managing your period. I was immediately intrigued.

The Diva Cup is a menstrual device inserted into a women during her period to stop blood from leaking on her clothes.

Where do you purchase this? Has the DivaCup become to new menstrual cycle ‘trend’? Is it actually more eco-friendly than tampons or pads? Does it hurt?

These are a few of the questions I had during this initial conversation and I had to find the answers.

I purchased a DivaCup at Shoppers Drug Mart for $33.

I thought it was pricey at first, but I realized that a box of 50 tampons at Walmart is $10 before tax and if I can use the same menstrual cup for more than one full period then, I really am saving money in the long run.

As like every month since I was 12, Mother Nature gave me her gift and it was time to answer all of my menstrual cup questions.

The look of the cup in somewhat intimidating and I instantly was scared to put it inside me. But, I did it and here’s my experience:

Step 1: Insertion

The instructions said to fold the cup and put it in. Unfortunately that process is somewhat painful and a bit more complicated than your typical plastic applicator tampon.

As soon as I started to insert it, something did not feel right. So I tried again and again, and then finally my cup stuck its landing. It was messy but it was finally in. As soon as I stood up, for a couple minutes I was positive it was either going to come out or get stuck in my vagina forever. But, eventually it was fine.

Step 2: Live my life

This was awesome! After some getting used to, the DivaCup felt like nothing. Usually when I wear tampons, I still get frontal cramps. I knew that the removal had to come at some point or another but the box advertised the DivaCup can stay inserted for up to 12 hours (which is 4 more than the maximum they recommend for tampons).

Step 3: Remove it

It was gross and it was messy. This was the worst part of the entire DivaCup process by far.

I went to take the device out as I would with a tampon however, with the Cup there’s no string that hangs on the outside. I had to use my fingers to fish out the cup. It also did not come out easily.

I finally got it out and I quickly analyzed how much I actually bled (it has measurements on the cup). I dumped it in and washed the cup. Then, I began the process all over.

So what’s the takeaway? What is my ultimate review of the DivaCup?


-       Somewhat challenging insertion

-       Gross and difficult removal

-       Initial price (on a student budget) is a slight turn off


-       One cup for the rest of your periods (or until it seriously deteriorates)

-       It’s made from silicone, a hygienic material which reduces infection

-       It’s eco-friendly because it’s made of silicone and has no plastic packaging

-       Once in, it’s super comfortable  

-       It actually is cheaper in the long run and will ultimately save you a lot of money

-       No animal testing

I would seriously recommend trying and using this product for any woman who is interested in new ways to manage their period and is passionate about being environmentally friendly!

The DivaCup is not a ‘love at first sight’ thing however after some time, you learn to love it for all it has to offer.