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The Different Phases of Finals Season

During this exam season, we've all experienced it: personality changes when we're studying. With these moods constantly rolling around, hopefully you can relate to every other Carleton student going through final exams currently. 

The Eager Beaver

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This one happens to all of us. We get into this mindset where we are in the study mood. This is the best place to be when studying for exams, because these next ones are pretty rough. 

'I'm So Tired'

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This phase happens when we burn out. We're writing that huge paper or studying for that exam that makes up more than half of our final grade, and we just can't do it anymore. 

Lack of Focus

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Finally, it's time to sit down. You've got your books out, your highlighters, your laptop and yourself. You begin to study or write that assignment and suddenly it all goes blank. Huh. Guess it's time to go home?

Social Studying

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There are times when we suddenly need to be social instead of studying. Neglecting everything to go chill with your friends on fourth floor library is something we all do. Don't worry, I do it too. 

Hopefully we can all now recognize the four stages of studying, and maybe overcome them? Good luck this final exam season. I know you'll all crush it!


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