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Commit to Fit: Step Fusion Workout

This past week, all of the fitness classes at Carleton were free for students to try. I’ve gotten used to the dull routine of the treadmill lately and rarely venture into the more diverse territory of workout classes, but I decided that this was the perfect chance to attempt a more uncharacteristic workout. I tried out the step fusion class, which is offered on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 a.m. and on Saturday mornings at 9:45 a.m.

 Step fusion is described as “an amazing 75-minute class which combines a lengthy cardio section and lots of muscular conditioning using a combination of Dynabands, dumbbells and the Fitness Ball” on the
Carleton Athletics website. I figured it seemed challenging enough not to be boring but still in the realm of possibility for someone who didn’t have many athletic qualities (such as myself).

The class began with a 50-minute cardio component. We used steps with two risers on either side and most of the workout happened while moving on and off the elevated step, with different movements and combinations as we went. I liked that the class had a rhythmic component almost like dance, but not so close to dance that it would hinder the more uncoordinated among us. The class was a little bit hard to follow at times, with the combinations getting more and more complex as we went along – but I liked the challenge and I found that if I was diligent, I was able to pick up the steps pretty easily considering it was a Saturday morning.

Once the cardio component ended, we moved on to abdominal work. We didn’t use dynabands, dumbbells or a fitness ball, as the class’ description had promised, but I found we didn’t really need any bells or whistles to get a good core workout. The instructor had us do some run of the mill push-ups and sit-ups but finished with variants of typical movements that I had never done before.

Before long, my abs were sore and I found myself pushing to get through the last few minutes of the class. Still, the instructor was motivating without being too pushy and he ended the workout with a much needed cool down which prevented my legs and abs from aching the next day.

The music was loud and catchy and the atmosphere was upbeat – a welcome respite from the dreariness of the elliptical or the treadmill.

The class definitely made me sweat and I felt like I’d had a good workout once it was over. It wasn’t difficult enough to dissuade me from showing my face in the class ever again but it definitely wasn’t easy, and I like the idea that if I keep showing up week after week I will eventually master the more complicated step combinations. Commitment is key for this class, making it a great motivator. Hopefully it will help you get out of bed when your alarm goes off at 8:30 and you feel like you don’t want to move.

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