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Celeb Style on a Student Budget: Carleton Edition

We all know that Oliver’s is the place to be on campus Thursday nights, so why not stand out while waiting in line? This week’s celebrity look is from actress Sophia Bush in People Style Watch. We got past hump day and should be congratulated with a little dressing up; why not let this cute ensemble inspire you, Carleton fashionistas?

The LOOK: Sophia Bush


Creating the LOOK on a student budget:

1. American Apparel: Floral Skirt $47.00
2. Club Monaco: Sunny Tee $29.00
3. Club Monaco: Bow Earrings $29.50 (you can always justify splurging on bows!)
4. Forever 21: Bracelet $7.80
5. Forever 21: Shoulder Bag $29.80
6. Mac Lipstick: Capricious $15.00
7. Urban Outfitters: Booties $49.00


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