Best Places to Get a Drink in Ottawa This Patio Season

This time last year my best friend and I were travelling in the Netherlands. Being the first time either of us had been in Europe, we had an amazing time. Walking along the streets we couldn’t help but notice how often (and early) we saw people out sitting on patios drinking, enjoying each others company and relaxing.

Coming back to Ottawa we assured ourselves that we would take advantage of all the patios Ottawa has to offer. Now that the weather seems to be cooperating we can’t wait to draw some of our friends out in the city to enjoy the sun. Here is a list of the top five places my friend and I want to hit this summer and the drinks I am most excited to try.


  1. 1. Atari - 297 Dalhousie St.

    The rooftop patio at Atari looks out into the ByWard Market. You can catch the sun and sit next one of the most historial points in Ottawa.

    The drink I’m most excited to have is the Barbe-a-Papa. This sweet cocktail comes with a piece of cotton candy. Trust me, I’ve had one and they’re amazing! The drink I would love to try is the Fashionista cocktail. With sparkling wine and lemonade mousse, this one has it all.

  2. 2. Banditos - 683 Bank St.

    For drinks after work the night market patio at Banditos might be the place for you. This patio in the Glebe is a great place to meet up with friends. Go on Tuesdays for Taco Tuesdays or on the weekend for brunch.

    The drink I’m most excited to try is the Hibiscus Watermelon margarita. How refreshing.

  3. 3. El Furniture Warehouse - 77 Clarence St. 

    Warehouse, a place for students year round, also has a cute rooftop patio. The set $6 food menu is just an amazing bonus. 

    The drink I order almost everytime I go to Warehouse is the Crazy Canuck. Sweet and a little bit sour, this is my and my friend’s favourite. The drink I would be excited to try next time I go sit in the sun on the rooftop patio is KeyRona. With a double Sour Key cocktail spiked with beer this drink has a lot to offer.


  4. 4. Milestones (Lansdowne) - 325 Marché Way

    One of the many gorgeous patios at Lansdowne. This restaurant offers a great meeting spot right on the street.

    The drink I’m most excited to have is the Bellini—more specifically the Bellini bowl. Nothing says summer patio fun like a drink you have to hold with both hands. With small plastic animals decorating the drink, it screams fun.

  5. 5. Tavern on the Hill - 1223 Alexandra Bridge

    If you’re looking for a fancy patio experience this summer then Tavern on the Hill is the one for you. Looking out with the wonderful view of downtown Ottawa and Parliament Hill, this patio is a real treat. But, if you can, book a reservation. It gets busy!

    A drink I would love to try at this patio is the Kombucha Spritz cocktail. You can never go wrong with the combination of Kombucha and alcohol.

This summer, you're in for a good one! Don't miss out this patio season by trying out all these good spots. Winter is always around the corner, so hurry.