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Beauty Buffs: A Review of Bee Sweet Products

I feel as though honey is making a comeback in a big way. The concept of it being a miracle worker, not only for your immune system, but more importantly for your skin, has been around since our grandmother’s time. But nowadays, more people are becoming educated on switching to natural goods, and realizing that raw honey is a great all-around product. 

After a stressful week of moving into a new apartment, and becoming acclimatized to a new environment as a first-year communications student, the stress was starting to show up on my skin. I needed a visit with my grandmother. She reminded me once again of that old-fashioned wonder product: honey!

In fact, the purest of honey is right at our door step at Carlingwood Mall. Her kiosk is called Bee Sweet and the owner’s name is Priscilla Carreau. A producer of pure unpasteurized honey, Carreau collects the honey herself at her bee farm in Moose Creek, Ont. Naturally, I went down to the kiosk and scooped up all of the beeswax facial cream and facial scrub I could find. Which wasn’t hard, with Priscilla’s passionate and bubbly personality, not to mention her glowing skin as affirmation of the products’ ability.

Later that night, I was ecstatic to try my new three-step process. I applied the facial scrub, consisting of oats, honey and olive oil, followed by the raw summer wildflowers honey, creating a face mask. I finished up with the soothing facial cream. To my surprise, my skin already felt softer, firmer, and looked brighter. I woke up the next morning and my problem areas were almost entirely clear. The amazing results were too great to not share as I am sure other girls across campus deal with the same skin problems!

In addition to the products, Priscilla gave me a list of what to avoid in your cosmetics. The list included P-phenyl-enediamine (chemical), Cyclomethicone (a synthetic silicone), Dea (wetting agent), Mea, and Tea which are harmful to fish and other wildlife, and create cancer producing nitrosamines.

So stick to natural products, your skin deserves it! This three-step system worked wonders for me and is perfect for a budget skin care regime. All three products, as well as a lip balm, soap, and makeup case, come in a perfect $39 kit. Oh, and it doesn’t taste bad either!


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