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Back to the Movies: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Free Guy and No Time To Die

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I’ve always loved going to the movie theatre. It’s one of my favourite ways to relax because you can fully immerse yourself in a story with others who are doing the same.

Before the pandemic, I would see movies about twice a month and much more in the summer when all the blockbusters would come out. I would even go back to the theatre to see the same movie multiple times just to have the experience again with different friends or family members and sometimes by myself. I think I saw one of my favourite movies, Rocketman in the theatres four times! 

So naturally, the thing I was most excited to do again, once it was safe, was to go to the movies. Over September and October, I went to the movie theatre three times and saw three different movies. Going to the movie theatre in September after about 18 months of watching movies and tv shows from my couch was a great feeling. It still felt pretty normal despite the new restrictions in place to keep us all safe.

I really enjoyed all three movies I saw. Below are my short reviews of each. If you’ve been missing the movie theatre too, I hope you can find some time to go!

1. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

I’ve always enjoyed Marvel movies and this was no exception. It had everything you could want from a superhero movie and I was hooked from the first big action sequence. It also had a compelling and detailed backstory for the main character, Shang-Chi. The movie featured beautiful landscapes and mythical creatures. I’d highly recommend it!

2. Free Guy

Free Guy was such a fun and unique movie. It has an interesting premise of a non-player character realizing they are in a video game and their actions start to impact the real world outside of the game too. This movie also had some incredible visuals inside the video game and looked like no other movie I’ve seen. Ryan Reynolds is funny as ever and the movie is overall a great time!

3. No Time To Die

I had only seen one James Bond movie (Spectre) before seeing No Time To Die, so despite enjoying the trailer, I wasn’t sure what to expect. That being said, I ended up loving this movie and it was my favourite of the three movies I saw in theatres. I thought the action sequences were incredible. I enjoyed seeing the different locations where the movie was set, especially since I haven't travelled in a while. No Time To Die is also the longest movie of the three that I saw, but it was so engaging that it flew by. It made me want to go back and watch more James Bond movies!

Overall, just going to the movie theatre after so long away was a great experience. I think I would have been happy to watch anything, but these three movies really impressed me and I recommend all of them! 

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