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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Carleton chapter.

I was first introduced to the world of podcasts last fall during my first semester at Carleton University. A friend introduced me to podcasts when I began complaining about not being able to find new music to listen to while walking to class — and when I say that my world changed, I’d be putting it lightly. 

Podcasts changed the game. They’re the perfect length for my walk to and from class and it makes you feel like you’re talking to your besties! When I had extra time on my hands during quarantine, I often found myself listening to new podcasts on my daily walks and even on my drives to work! 

Here is a list of some of the podcasts that I discovered over quarantine and have been loving.

Call Her Daddy

The Barstool Sports podcast, Call Her Daddy, is hosted by Boston University graduate and Youtuber, Alexandra Cooper. In her episodes, Alex provides her ‘Daddy Gang’ listeners with advice on how to improve your online dating profile, tips on how to up your sex game, and crazy personal stories of her various interactions with men. 

Even though the Barstool podcast has been called “trashy” and “classless” in the past, the CHD podcast is a must-listen. Not only does it provide the ‘Daddy Gang’ with an hour of laughs and thoughtful advice, Call Her Daddy has given women from all across the world the confidence to talk about their relationships and their sex life openly and honestly. I highly recommend this one, it is hands-down my favourite podcast at the moment!

New Call Her Daddy episodes are released every Wednesday. 

Gals on the Go

Gals on the Go was, actually, the first podcast that I had ever listened to! GOTG is hosted by University of Georgia Senior, Danielle Carolan, and University of Georgia graduate, Brooke Miccio. Danielle and Brooke cover a wide variety of topics, in their episodes, ranging from college exams and assignments, to post-grad life, to what life is like as a social media influencer. The two YouTubers talk candidly about the struggles that college students face when trying to find a balance between school, work, extracurriculars, and spending time with friends. 10/10 would recommend listening to Gals on the Go but make sure to tell your friends to DNT TXT while you’re listening! ?

New Gals on the Go episodes are released every Wednesday. 

The History Chicks

As a history major, I could not have been more excited to stumble upon this podcast! The History Chicks is a podcast hosted by Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider, two everyday women who love chatting, and especially love chatting about important women throughout history. 

In their episodes, the two women highlight various women from throughout history that you may, or may not have learned in history class. Graham and Vollenweider discuss the women’s accomplishments and struggles, and the failures the women endured throughout their lives while also chatting about some of the most exciting parts of the women’s life. The History Chicks podcast is not just for people who love history; it is a podcast for just about anybody who finds themselves interested in learning more about some of the most impactful women in history. 

New The History Chicks episodes are released every two weeks. 

Office Ladies

The Office Ladies is my newest find in the podcast world! Hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, the two women, who played Pam and Angela on the famous mockumentary sitcom The Office, discuss one episode of The Office in-depth. 

Each week, Jenna and Angela go through an episode and chat about the storyline of the episode, recall filming the episode, and provide listeners with behind the scenes facts and stories that you’d never hear anywhere else. The two ladies chatting together is hilarious and makes it seem as if you’re watching the show right alongside them! 

I HIGHLY recommend watching episodes from The Office before listening to the Office Ladies episode that corresponds with it… you’ll fall in love with The Office even more!!

New Office Ladies episodes are released every Wednesday.

Podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of media in 2020, making it extremely easy to find one that interests you! Whether it be one of my favourites or one of the thousands of podcasts out there, your commute, your workouts, or even just your morning routine will become 10x more entertaining. You’re going to be a podcast fanatic before you know it! 

Krissy is a third-year History major with a double-minor in heritage conservation and Canadian Studies at Carleton. When she's not doing school or hanging with friends and family, Krissy enjoys reading, online shopping, talking aimlessly about history and politics, and playing hockey.