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Alex Tarpan, ’13



Name: Alex Tarpan

Major: Law, minor in French 

Hometown: Kishinev, Russia

Relationship Status: Single


What's your sign?


Quote that you live by?

"Work hard, be nice."

Most influential people in your life?

Probably my parents. Comparing them to when they first moved to Canada, they've come a long way. Coming with nothing but a suitcase 12 years ago and now living a comfortable lifestyle, you gotta love them and their hard work. As corny as it sounds, it motivates me to work hard.

What was it about Carleton that caught your attention when making your university picks?

Good question. Last minute choice. But, I'm glad I made it?

How many languages do you speak?

Three: English, Russian and French.

What is your favorite place to study?

I'm boring, the library. Only place where I get the most accomplished.

What trait/feature do you usually notice first on a guy?

I'm a personality girl, but its a tie between height and smile.

What is your ideal perfect date?

Probably a concert, nothing too serious.

If you could go on a shopping spree before your date and wear any designer head to toe, which designer would it be?

Oooh that's a tough one. Probably a McQueen or a cute Jenny Packham mini dress, maybe a cute nightcap dress. It's too hard to decide. 

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