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An Interview and Review of “The Beekeepers Society”

“We need music because it’s an important channel/vehicle to communicate ideas that can’t be said in words, hands or communicated in poetry”

Vincent Andrisani

A creative indie-rock band with Beatles influences and Carleton’s very own Vincent Andrisani? Count me in! The Beekeepers Society is a Brampton-based indie-rock band consisting of fluctuating band members and friends, the main of which being Darcy McMann on vocals, David Mueses on guitar, Fred Yurichuck on bass, Josie M on keyboard and Carleton’s communications professor Vincent Andrisani on drums. Their first EP “Plastic on the Furniture” was released more than a decade ago, in May of 2009. Andrisani first became involved in this project when his buddies within the band were searching for a drummer to jam with. He played with the crew from about 2007 to summer 2008. His drums were featured in about four out of five of the tracks on their EP and he accompanied them to many gigs including bar shows, weddings, corporate events and even a performance at Toronto’s infamous “La Mocambo”.

“The band’s whole vibe is quirky, fun, weird, cute pop music,” said Andrisani when asked about his time in the band. While Andrisani had to leave Toronto, and in turn the band, in 2008 to pursue his Ph.D. in Vancouver he remembers his time with them very fondly. He is quoted saying “If I could do it again, I’d do it again in a heartbeat”. This band, in his opinion, was a very time-and-place band, exuding the vibe of Toronto at the time. It was a creative place where friends became co-musicians; a place with a lot of movement whether that be of ideas, instrument playing or of people. This project was one of pure musical love; one with creativity at its core, instead of money.

Andrisani believes the reason the band worked as well as it did was the different influences and vibes everyone brought to the studio. Yurichuck, the bassist of the group, is said to be the mastermind behind this project. Between Andrisani bringing a “different sort of sensibility to the band” and Yurichuck’s Ringo Starr-influenced studio sessions as well as all the other talented musicians within this group working together on this EP, their beautiful sound prevails through our ears. Between transformational tunes and eclectic sound mixing this EP captures not only their individual musical talents but also the incredible way they bounce off each other creatively. When asked about Andrisani’s favourite song off the EP he stated “Bootleg Beta. This song captures what that moment was in my personal life and the band’s [life]”. He also adds that “McMann did a really good job on the lyrics”. The slow melodic tempo building up the later half of the song being a more rhythm-heavy, almost danceable tune truly showcased the musical variety and flexibility within this project.

From the deeply personal lyrics on “Bootleg Beta” to the circus-influenced “Broken Zipper”, this band has a very unique way of communicating their messages through music. When asked about music as a form of communication, Andrisani states “We need music because it’s an important channel/vehicle to communicate ideas that can’t be said in words, hands or communicated in poetry”. As a communications professor, he uses the powerful medium of music to convey such an authentic and fresh vibe. “Plastic on the Furniture” is an incredible piece of work filled with so much passion you can practically hear it right through the sound and I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity to interview Mr. Andrisani on this hidden gem from his past.

Jaden Croucher

Carleton '27

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