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Jaden Croucher

Carleton '27

Jaden Croucher is a writer at the Her Campus at Carleton chapter. She creates content touching all themes such as entertainment, culture, lifestyle and general news. In the future she hopes to continue her pursuits in Journalism and become a vessel for change. Drawing inspiration from her and others experiences, no matter how big or small, she aims to craft emotional works that resonate with readers. Emotion is the driving force behind her writing, as she seeks to capture the essence of how the general public feel in any given moment.

Beyond Her Campus, Jaden is a first-year Journalism student who has a passion for the future. Her writing journey began at seven-years-old when she wrote a short play entitled “The Elevator”. She was previously the head/creator of “The St. Paul Times” and a lead Cappies critic who was nominated as “Top Senior Critic 2023”. Her work has been featured in The St. Paul Times, The Charlatan, Apt613, The Glebe Report and The Ottawa Citizen.

Most of the time you can find her paying for overpriced coffee at any campus coffeehouse or taking three hour naps that she calls her "short power naps". The rest of her days are filled with long bus rides and playing pinball at the House of Targ as well as working sales at Bath and Body Works.