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If you’re anything like me, you’re one of those people that cannot sit in silence and always needs to be playing something in the background. Other than listening to music, I also enjoy a good podcast every once in a while. So here are some of my podcast recommendations I listen to daily for you to try out!

Anything Goes by Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is my idol; anything she releases, I will consume (and you should, too). If you enjoy her YouTube videos, you will enjoy her podcast too. As the title suggests, she talks about any topic she likes, such as female friendships, fashion, relationships, etc. She also discusses mental health and well-being and offers great advice on a multitude of life issues.

I love listening to her when I’m walking to class and just want something chill to listen to. Emma’s podcast makes me feel like I’m on the phone with a friend, and it certainly leaves me feeling better about myself.

Brooke and Connor Make a Podcast by Brooke and Connor

In this podcast, Brooke Averick and Connor Wood talk about any topic relating to their personal lives or the entertainment world. It is a very chill podcast to listen to while doing other chores. You can listen to them discuss social media, daily events, celebrity encounters, and so much more.

This is more of a comedy podcast, so I usually listen to them when I’m feeling stressed out and want to ignore my own thoughts, and it definitely makes my anxious feelings go away for a while.

The Dropout by ABC News

This is for my fellow true crime fans. The podcast follows the story of Elizabeth Holmes as she starts her health technology company by lying her way to success and becoming one of America’s most famous fraudsters.

I loved listening to this podcast because it does a great job of telling this story and keeping it entertaining by adding interviews and following the narrative as it keeps evolving in the last few years. As someone who knew essentially nothing about Holmes’ case, I was constantly intrigued and captivated by this story and would be binge-listening to episode after episode.

Welcome To Paradise by Sophia Kelly

Sophia Kelly uses her podcast as a way of discussing topics involving well-being, self-love, and culture. She discusses specific topics in each episode, such as how to be alone, confidence, relationships, motivation, and so much more.

Although they are shorter episodes, I find them very helpful and entertaining to listen to while I’m sitting on the bus and suddenly decide I want to change my whole life. Her podcast makes me feel okay about not having everything in life figured out and provides great insight on how to become a better version of yourself.

On My Mind by Ava Jules

This podcast is in a similar format as the previous one. Here, Ava Jules discusses topics relating to her personal life, such as her relationship, yearly goals, and life lessons, but also offers entertaining episodes such as advice sessions, college stories, dating experiences, etc.

I find her podcast very engaging and love to apply her advice to my own life. This is a podcast that I can relate to a lot, as some of her experiences are similar to mine. I feel like I’m at a sleepover with a friend and we’re gossiping about boys.

These are the podcast I love to listen to and that I keep up with every week. I hope you try these out and find them helpful! Happy listening!

Andrea Leon

Carleton '26

Andrea is a Social Media Team Member at the Her Campus chapter of Carleton University in Ottawa. She manages and creates content for this chapter's social media, such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Beyond Her Campus, she is a second-year student in the Communication and Media Studies program. She is originally from Mexico and moved to Canada for school. Andrea is very passionate about women's issues and loves writing for Her Campus. She loves being involved with the media and entertainment world. In her free time, she can be found reading, crocheting, and listening to Taylor Swift. She also loves walking around the city and visiting cute coffee shops!