Three Ways to Beat Exam Stress

The exam period is a strange time of year, most of us hibernating in a seemingly inescapable black hole of revision. It's a time when University rudely presses pause on our laughter and happiness, forcing us to enter a parallel universe of library visits, mammoth-sized books, lecture notes and 'group study sessions'. When you do attempt to do something, dare we say it, fun, the sense of guilt is overwhelming; that niggling voice in your head whispering: “shouldn't you be revising?”. That laid back attitude you had during your GCSEs no longer cuts the mustard and you, as a result potentially become a frazzled, burnt-out stress head. So here are a few small tips to help combat those pre-exam meltdowns. 


Getting out of the house and taking your frustration in the great outdoors has countless benefits; a great workout releases feel-good endorphins, which will help you feel ready to battle another day at the books. We all know pigging out during revision time is obligatory, so getting down to the gym or going for a light jog also means burning off some of those extra calories so you're ready to squeeze back into your favourite LBD post-exam hell.


Sitting in your room all day knowing you're going to be doing exactly the same boring reading tomorrow, unsurprisingly creates a serious sense of cabin fever. Motivation levels are at an all time low, so giving yourself something to look forward to may make you more motivated to work. After a hard day studying, reward yourself with a trip to see your friends, a movie and take away or maybe even a night out - you deserve some down time.


Writing a list of what you need to do for the day might seem futile, but can make a the thought of revision seem a little less daunting. Putting pen to paper can help to free up the worrying and means less stress, as you won't be worrying about forgetting something important. Let's face it, it's so satisfying being able to put a big tick next to the completed revision tasks on your 'to-do' list!