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We all know Cardiff isn’t known for its spectacular weather and with January consistently being one of the coldest months of the year, it’s time to make sure you have the most stylish winter accessories so you still look cute while braving the gale force winds and torrential rain. The familiar scene of the clouds opening up and meeting a friend while sporting the ‘wet look’, surprisingly enough, isn’t always sexy. So, here are this season’s key winter accessories.


The Beanie

Beanies made their way back into fashion alongside the ‘sports luxe’ trend last year. These look super cute with a bobble and add an edge to an outfit while keeping your head snug and warm. Whether you’re wearing a formal or classic coat, add a beanie to your outfit to keep it casual and understated. 

1.     ASOS Fluffy Boyfriend Beanie, ASOS – £8

2.     Nike Wrap Beanie, ASOS – £18 (on sale – £9)

3.     Lowie Winter Forest Beanie Hat, Urban Outfitters – £54 (on sale – £30)

4.     New Era NY Yester-Year Beanie, Schuh – £18

5.     Esprit Geo Beanie, ASOS – £19


The Snood

Most coats currently in fashion right don’t cover the neck; therefore, a snood is essential for keeping you snug and warm. Coming in a range of slim shapes to chunkier knits, here are some that are some winter-appropriate styles:


1. Rolled Edge Snood, Topshop – £18

2. Chunky Cable Snood, Warehouse – £26 (on sale – £10)

3. River Island Borg Flat Faux Fur Snood, ASOS – £18 (on sale – £10.50)

4. Faux Fur Twisted Snood, Accessorize – £25

5. Chi Cheetah Faux Fur Snood, Accessorize – £29


Classic Hats

If you’re in the mood for something less grungy and casual than the beanie, try wearing a fedora, bowler or a floppy hat. This kind of oh-so chic headwear looks great with biker-style coats and structured handbags.


 1. Big Floppy Hat, Topshop – £28

2. Mira Floppy Hat, Nasty Gal – £21.36

3. ASOS Felt Fedora Hat, ASOS – £20

4. ASOS Aztec Band Felt Fedora Hat, ASOS – £22

5. Light Pink Rolled Brim Bowler Hat, River Island – £20


Faux Fur

Fur is everywhere and has pervaded shops in the form of collars, pillbox hats/cossacks, headbands, coats, and snoods. They can make an outfit look more vintage and timeless, or create that warm, fluffy and soft winter look. While Cossacks secure your hair in place, preventing it from turning into a windswept disaster, they can look a bit chunky on a petite head; the headband is a great alternative and a chic addition to a winter coat.

1.     Luxe Faux Fur Cossack, Accessorize – £25

2.     Mink Faux Fur Headband, Love Sasha – £4.99

3.     Pillbox Faux Fur Hat, Beales – £40

4.     BIBA Fur Collar with Jewel, House of Fraser – £39 (on sale – £19.50)

5.     Fur Stole, Zara – £29.99 (on sale – £9.99)


The Tartan Scarf

Winter just isn’t complete without tartan. A classic style that resurfaces every year, these look great on both men and women, so don’t be afraid to shop in the menswear section for a pretty piece of highland print. 

1.     Eleanor Plaid Woven Tassel Trim Scarf, Boohoo – £10

2.     Tartan Scarf in Orange, Urban Outfitters – £16

3.     Bright Tartan Scarf in Red and Blue, Urban Outfitters – £16

4.     Red Checked Scarf, H&M – £7.99

5.     Blue Harbour Heritage Checked Scarf, Marks & Spencer – £15 (on sale – £12)


The Turban

For the very brave only! Though not as popular as the fur headbands, turbans have secured a place in shops such as Topshop (not online, but available in their London flagship store) and ASOS.

1.     ASOS Knitted Turban Hat, ASOS – £10 (on sale – £7)

2.     Amy Turban Hat, Boohoo – £4

3.     Spark City Turband, Nasty Gal – £13.43

4.     Arish Turband, Nasty Gal – £12.20


Gloves & Mittens

Be sure to wrap up your paws in a cute pair of gloves on more nippy mornings; you won’t be able to write anything in those lectures with frozen fingers!


1. Aria Quilted Gloves, French Connection – £45 (on sale – £22)

2. Paul’s Boutique Heart Fairisle Mittens, ASOS – £18

3. Barts Claire Mittens, ASOS – £26.99 (on sale – £16)

4. Barts Chakku Mittens, ASOS – £32.99 (on sale – £23)

5. Whistles Tuck Stitch Mittens, ASOS – £25 (on sale – £15)

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