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5 Reasons Why Being Single on Valentine’s Day is Actually Great

You don’t have to spend money on a gift for your boyfriend, and can buy a Nandos insteadIs eating half chicken with a side of creamy mash and Perinaise more satisfying than giving a watch or aftershave to a guy? The answer is of course yes. If anyone disagrees, helpfully inform them that they are in fact lying to themselves.

You’re still not excluded!A cheeky card from an admirer might pop through your door, which is far more exciting than from someone predictable.

You can spend the evening in with your girlfriends, who aren’t going to judge you for sporting trackies and a top knotRaise your hand if you can think of a man that would be happy with his girlfriend turning up to VD date night in a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms… not seeing many, right? Thankfully, you’ve got a bunch of friends who don’t care about hairy legs or if you pick garlic mushrooms for dinner – winner!

Did we mention flirting with as many hotties as you like?The world is your oyster; you’re free as a bird to do WHATEVER you like – this freedom is hugely underrated.

It’s more economicalWe like to think of it this way: you’ve bought a dress for VD, if you have a boyfriend, only he gets to appreciate it; if you’re single, you go out and more attractive males see you in said dress, ergo making it better value for money. There is some logic in this, we’re sure of it.

Polly is a third year Music student at Cardiff Uni and Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus Cardiff chapter. Alongside studying for her course, she also a member of the Cardiff Snakecharmers Cheerleaders, who compete twice yearly. She also enjoys writing her personal blog [email protected] and hopes to one day go into the field of journalism and publishing to fulfill her passion for writing! 
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