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Everybody cut Footloose!

We were situated in our seats, popcorn and candy ready.  Our feet, naturally, rested on the bar in front of us in anticipation of the movie.  As the music began to play, our feet danced; mimicking the popular opening scene we already knew and loved.

Who says remakes can’t rival their original?  Granted, our preconceived notions of remakes are usually right—meaning they suck, but the new Footloose gives hope to other remakes in the future.

As soon as our group of friends heard about a Footloose remake, we were all equally excited and nervous…excited to relive our favorite dance movie, but nervous that the new Footloose wouldn’t live up to the Kevin Bacon original.

The creators of the new Footloose did a fantastic job of sticking to the original plot.  For those of you who have not seen the original, fear not, for the new movie has all of the same elements, but with added bonuses!  The casting was perfect; Willard was hysterical, and Ren…well, he was definitely nice eye candy to say the least.  

You still see the iconic yellow Volkswagen, the angry, warehouse dance scene, and Willard’s sweet dance moves.  There is just enough old mixed in with the new to give a fresh generation of Collegiettes™ a fun and exciting dance film, while still staying true to the original.  

We cried.  We laughed.  We danced.

Our thoughts on Footloose the remake?  Four thumbs up!  So all of you Collegietes™ out there, get your group together and head out to see it…and maybe go out for a little dancing afterward ? 

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