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To My Long Distance Best Friend


Dear Best Friend,

I love and miss you terribly. I guess I never realized how hard it would be to move away for college and not have you by my side. I was so excited to gain independence, and take the next step after high school but it sucks not having you here to experience it with me. I’m happy you decided to go where you wanted and to follow your dreams. Just like when you told me the same, but it really isn’t the same anymore.

I hope classes are going well and that college is all that we hoped it would be: the parties, the people, the clubs and all the cute guys. I hope you’re making good friends. It was hard moving to a place where I didn’t know anyone. Making friends was hard, especially since they didn’t compare to you. I want you to know that all the pictures that you see on Instagram and Snapchat of me and my new friends, they could never replace you. I know I was jealous when I saw yours posted all over social media, so I can understand, but I was also happy to see you make new memories with new people that will last a lifetime.

I’m happy that we got to FaceTime the other day. It’s more personal than texting all the time. But I’m happy to do that too, and snapchat and skype. We should set up another skype date soon. I’ll take whatever I can, even if there are a few days in between when we don’t talk. It’s hard when I really need you on a bad day and we can’t go out for late night pizza or milkshakes. But I’ll take your kind text messages and heart kissing emojis. I know that you care and we do the best we can with the miles between us.

Oddly enough, part of me is happy to experience some things on my own though. I joined clubs and made new friends. Not to mention I have to do my homework without depending on you to coach me through it. I’m becoming more courageous and a stronger person without you next to me, and I am so happy about that. Thank you. I think it’s a good to be a part of something just for us individually, you know? That way when Thanksgiving break comes around we can have new stories to tell each other and see how each of us grown and matured.

And always know that you are my best friend. I love you unconditionally and support you faithfully. I am so proud of all that you are accomplishing, you deserve all the happiness in the world. No matter the distance or time spent away, there is nothing that could tear our friendship apart. I miss you, and your laugh, smile, car jams and terrible jokes. But mostly just know that I love you.

Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart, for friendship doesn’t count miles, it’s measured by the heart.

I love you. Forever and Always,

Your Best Friend


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