Meet Raven Reeves

Raven Reeves is the current Phi Sigma Pi President, a Student Government Senator, and BSU (the Black Student Union)’s Treasurer/Membership Chair. She is a sophomore at California University of Pennsylvania, majoring in in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Radio/Television Communications. Raven is originally from Atglen, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

You can usually find Raven singing and dancing in the Natali Student Union at Cal U, with BSU members, or with her Brothers from Phi Sigma Pi. She works at the information desk in Natali, too. She also likes to weight train, exercise, and she’s teaching herself to play acoustic guitar. Reeves has said that she would name her debut album “Empathy” because “empathy is what would make this whole world a better and more desirable place to be.” At the moment, her favorite artist is H.E.R. and her favorite song is titled “Pigment” by H.E.R.


Raven comes from a family of twins. Her oldest siblings are James and Ce’Asia and then her twin sister is Rhea. Rhea is Autistic, so Raven taught herself “how to communicate with Rhea in her language by learning her different sounds and sign language.” Raven is the type of person who goes above and beyond for others. She loves her family and friends. She likes to motivate others and is an advocate. Her favorite childhood memory is going to the library with her siblings to participate in a reading program—she said that they always won the top readers positions during the summer.


She credits her mom as her role model. Her mom homeschooled Raven and her siblings until 7th grade and set a strong foundation for them to stay humble when entering public school. Raven’s mom also helped her with her numerous scholarship essays and molded her into the young, successful woman she is today. Raven wants to start a scholarship foundation after college. She also wants to become a marketer for movies and television shows for an entertainment company such as Lionsgate.

Raven is a people-person and loves meeting new people. She said the funniest thing that has happened to her recently was being asked for a “hand hug” instead of a regular hug…it was a “you had to be there” moment. From singing and dancing to giving motivating speeches, Raven Reeves is an example of a true friend. If you see her around campus, make sure to say hello!