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Get to Know Dr. Carlisle


Dr. Anthony Todd Carlisle is an English Professor at the California University of Pennsylvania. Carlisle enjoyed creative writing and reading in his younger years which sparked his love for English, reading, and writing. It’s almost no surprise that Carlisle went on to teach the topic that he loves.

Carlisle teaches many different English classes at CalU, most of those that he teach focus on Journalism. Carlisle teaches standard English courses- English Composition I and II- and a course on Baseball in Literature as well as Black Literature.

Carlisle has his bachelor’s degree in English with a Journalism track from California University of Pennsylvania. He then 1 master’s degree in Liberal Studies from Duquesne University. Carlisle also has a Doctorate of Philosophy in English Literature and Criticism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Carlisle was a reporter for 11 years, during that time he worked for the New Pittsburgh Courier, the Daily News, Pittsburgh Business Times, the Beaver County times and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review .

Carlisle had some tips for collegiate writer. He said, “Write about what you’re interested in. You’re young so you should know what young people want to read. Write about what will affect young people’s future.“

Dr. Carlisle stated that he has some concerns for future journalists, he doesn’t know how the future of writing- specifically journalism- is going to play out. Carlisle acknowledges that more people are writing and reading online these days, but he believes that the journalism field will survive, and that writing will take on a different form over the next few years.

I am a current English student with a concentration in journalism. I enjoy writing, art, and theatre. Feminist.
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