4 Campus Resources You Need to Know About

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of any campus with its seemly endless buildings and walkways. If you need something on campus, it's easy to become overwhelmed. For every issue, you might be facing there’s a place on campus that can help. Here are four resources you absolutely need to know about.

Women’s Center

Almost every college campus has one but what exactly do they do? Women’s centers create an environment that empowers women to succeed. These centers do a multitude of things for the women on campus. From holding events to giving women opportunities to become leaders on campus, the campus women’s center provides all of these in one safe place.. These centers can also provide resources to students affected by sexual assault and domestic violence.

Counseling Services

Whether you are experiencing stress brought on by an overbearing class schedule or a you want to receive continued support for a previous concern they are counselors on campus to help. This completely confidential service is almost always free and staffed by professionals who can assist you with any issue. Our counseling center also offers help with connecting you to psychiatric services if need be. Also, if you or someone you know is going through addiction to alcohol or drugs the counseling center can get you or them the help they need. Being in college doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your mental health.

Multicultural Center

Known by many names to different campuses, the multicultural center aims to give minority students opportunities to thrive on campus. Typically they hold events and workshops, monitor minority students academic success, sponsor clubs/organizations that promote diversity and handle exchange students from all over the world.

LBGT+ Office

Not every school has one, but for those who do it’s an excellent resource for lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, questioning, and ally students. This office can put you or someone you know in touch with resources and clubs for the LBGT+ community. It sponsors events, provides education to the community, and advocates for LBGT+ students.

With unlimited resources, there's so much at your disposal. It’s important to know of these resources before you may even need them. If it's for you, or even a friend, check out your campuses resources via their website or by simply exploring your campus!