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Women’s History Month: Together We Are Unstoppable

Dating back to the formation of society and social structure, women have been supporting the growth and globalization of societies while at the same time, receiving a socially constructed title of a subordinate to a male dominated world. We can either compete with our  “dominant” male counterparts & each other in route to our aspired destinations, or collaboratively support the growth of women’s success together. Society is changing everyday as well as gender roles. The more we stick together and continue to build each other up, rather than put each other down, we can break barriers even sooner. 
In honor of Women’s History Month, we here at Her Campus Cal State L.A. want to dedicate an article on the movement on women’s collaboration to encourage each other to reach our highest potential. Together we are unstoppable.
Celebrities like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler pictured above, display the ideal support system toward one another that women should follow. Their friendship is one that we not only love to watch, but love to watch grow. They’ve supported one another throughout their entire journey from beginning in improv classes, to earning spots on SNL, to now. The two have hosted the annual Golden Globes together for 3 years in a row & their casting alone is believed to have increased ratings for the Golden Globes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC experienced a 10-year high of 20.9 million viewers in 2014 and an impressive 19.7 million viewers in 2013. Their bond is one to admire.
Beyonce and Nicki Minaj put their expertise together by collaborating in the “Flawless” remix & hit “Feelin’ Myself” that was debut on Nicki’s 3rd album; The Pink Print. Nicki tells BET in an interview, “I always feel like I learn so much when I work with her,” It’s inspiring seeing Nicki, who already has so much to her name, open to learning even more from another woman of power. Connecting with an expert of whatever profession you’re interested in is a great way to gain more knowledge and guidance into even greater opportunities. Don’t be afraid to turn to an experienced woman as a mentor! 
Hollywood has even set examples of female companionship through cinema such as the Disney animated film Frozen (that made $1.3 billion worldwide). The outcome of Frozen is not what one would expect from a Disney film, which usually ends with breaking some kind of curse through the act of true love between a man and a woman. Frozen changed the game by having the love between the two sisters be the act that breaks the curse. If more movies continue to illustrate female fellowship to the younger crowd, the chances of woman togetherness will increase for the generations to come. 
Not only should we use March to celebrate one another, but everyday by supporting each other in creating  an “unstoppable woman” in each of us!


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