What Being In A Long Distance Relationship Has Taught Me

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 6 years and it has been a crazy ride. We met in middle school and he was my friend but in 8th grade he escaped the friend zone (Ron Stoppable status). We've been together since then and now we're both 2nd years in college. Let me tell you it takes dedication to keep the relationship going.  If you're in a relationship and just so happens that your SO goes to a different university check out some of the biggest things I learned so far:

1. Appreciate. "You really don't know what you have till it's gone."

How cliche. I know. But you know what it's so true. The biggest thing I learned is to appreciate him. Back in high school I would rarely tell him that I love him or how much he meant to me, but that's because after seeing someone every single day for 7 hours for 4 years you get used to their presence. It also can get annoying like "please leave me alone, I want to hang with the girls today". Now in college, it hit me that he's not here to do english homework together, he's not there to go out for sucky cafeteria food.... I'm doing my thing, and he's doing his. I constantly remind myself how much he means to me and I appreciate the little things we do together like shopping at Target *heart emoji* or getting ice cream.

2. You'll Be Amazed At How Independently Dependent You Become.

The good thing about going to different universities is that you are forced to become independent which is great. You learn how to fight your own battles, and handle your own problems. You grow as a person and put on those big girl panties. At the same time, when you meet again you know that he's going to be there ready to help cheer and support you.

3. You Get Back Those Butterflies.

I'll admit the mushy puppy love kinda sorta...died during senior year. In my defense I mean you can get pretty annoyed of seeing the same person every.single.day. But I changed, I swear, you can ask him! Now, because of different schedules we try to see each other at least once or twice a month and I literally count down the days till date night. I get uber excited to see him again. The best part is that when you're together, it's a reminder of why you fell for each other to begin with.