Top 10 Holiday Movies to Watch

The holidays are a time where to spend with family and friends by sharing the joys with everyone. However, it’s also the time of year when movies come out. While we love to enjoy the holiday with our loved ones, the holidays also bring out the most anticipated films that are coming out for everyone to enjoy together. Of course, it doesn’t have to be movies that are coming out in theaters, but movies that you can watch in your house with everyone as family time. Here is the list of movies that you can watch for the holidays.

10. Krampus

Who would’ve thought Christmas had a dark side? We all know about Santa coming to town, but what about Krampus? At first, Krampus may seem a like normal Holiday film where a family spend time together for the holidays, but it isn’t until you see that it’s a much darker holiday movie. Krampus is here to punish the family for misbehaving, now they must survive the night and make it till morning. Funny thing about this trailer is that it’s perfect to see and warn your families about misbehaving, because you may never who might come and visit them during Holidays. 

9. Joy

If you couldn’t get enough of Jennifer Lawrence, then you’ll enjoy watching her in Joy. Joy gives the life story about Joy Mangano, a single mother of three who becomes an entrepreneur by creating a household product. By just watching this trailer, it gives one inspiration to never give up on an idea and go for it. You’ll very much enjoy watching Joy.

8. The Nightmare Before Christmas

For those who love Halloween and Christmas, you’ll love watching this movie. You may associate The Nightmare Before Christmas being as a Halloween movie rather than a Christmas film. Overall, The Nightmare Before Christmas it’s a perfect holiday movie because it simply shows the wonders of Christmas and gives you the imagination to create your own version or vision of Christmas that doesn’t have to be traditional.  

7. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

As the sequel of Home Alone, this movie may have awakened our wildest dream: being able to travel by yourself without any family. Of course, without the credit card fraud, we always want to have the chance to visit a grand city like New York City to enjoy the sights without any disruptions of kids screaming, cousins deciding where to go next, and parents telling you what to do. However, no matter what we want, we will always want our families to be near us during the holidays.

6. The Peanuts Movie

We all remember Charlie Brown never getting a chance to hit the football when Lucy would take it from under him, plus Snoopy was always the best. In The Peanuts Movie we get to relive our old childhood memories of seeing Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang. The best part of this movie coming out is that we can get to experience a larger story of the Peanuts and see it with our loves ones. And we get to hear Lucy’s catchphrase for Charlie Brown, “You Blockhead”.

5. Rise of the Guardians

The Sandman, the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Jack Frost are coming together to save the children from the Boogeyman. You would never think these characters from our childhoods coming to protect the children’s happiness from the Boogeyman and introducing us to a very cartoon attraction of Jack Frost. However, this movie is great to see both young and old because it doesn’t just target kids, but reminds why we believe in these characters; they bring out our hopes, dreams, and set of wonders.  

4. Love Actually

Would you have thought that one would find love on Christmas? Love Actually may center around Christmas, but it is really not Christmas movie. It is about love being everywhere by illustrating the different kinds of love out there. While there may be some sad moments in the movie about your favorite characters, it is the lengths they go through to express their love for the person they hold dear that emphases the message of love being everywhere.

3. Home Alone

Although it shows how frustrating the holidays can be when family come and visit, this movie also shows our mothers great worst-case scenario nightmares. Home Alone created four sequels about a kid being left home alone and defends his house from burglars by creating booby traps. However, Home Alone is the best movie since it shows how a kid would react when he is left home alone with no adult supervision. Like the sequel, watching Home Alone with family makes the holidays even better.

2. The Hateful Eight

The next Tarantino is here and it looks bada**. Anyone who is a Tarantino fan has been waiting for The Hateful Eight since he announced it as his next film. You wouldn’t think this would be a holiday film with Tarantino’s name on it, but it does come out Christmas Day. You may not want to watch this movie with your family, but it would be great as a get together for your friends or movie date with your special someone.

1.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The force is coming and it is stronger this year. The most awaited Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming and every person is getting tickets. We all remember watching the first installments of the Star Wars trilogy, in the 2000s we got the chance to see the beginning of the Stars Wars universe, and now we’re getting a chance to see it with both old and new characters years later battling a new Dark Sith. It may not be a Christmas film, but it’s an early Christmas present for every Star Wars fan to see a new story of Star Wars.