Surviving the School Year for First Year Students

Getting through the first day of class at Cal State LA can be hectic, but it’s another thing when you want to survive the fall year. First year students will face traffic out and inside of school, long lines to get their daily nutritional energy boost, a crowded bookstore, and etc. But when it comes to first-year students, it can be tough to understand where to get their textbooks or how they can add classes they weren’t able to add or where they can eat. Current students already know the nooks and cranny of the school, so here are a few tips for first year students to survive their first year at Cal State LA.

Survival Tip 1: Get Away from Parking

Finding a parking spot can either make or break your day. Everyone tries to find parking outside lot or inside the parking structure. However, the parking structures are the first ones to get full during the first early hours. By the time you try get to the structure, its already full and your only resort is to park outside the lots that can either be near or on the other side campus or wait for a car to leave. To avoid the frustration of parking, you can use public transportation or carpool with a friend to get to school. If first year students feel comfortable in brining their cars to school, come to school as early as possible.

Survival Tip 2: Find Your Energy Source

Getting up early in the morning can be tough when you don’t want to get up, especially for new students. But when you need to wake up so you can be on alert in class, you’ll need to find something that will help stay focus. It could be anything; a simple breakfast, coffee or tea, or juice, or smoothie can help stay alert and keep your stomach full before lunch hour. As a first-year, one makes the mistake to leave home without having anything in their stomach. So, make time in finding your energy boost before leaving for school.

Survival Tip 3: Home Food is Better

First year students may think the food at school might not be that bad, but it can get tiring. After a couple of days of eating the same food, ones taste buds may seem bland. Although, there are food trucks at school that gives a variety of selection, home can be better since it is free. There are microwaves available on campus to heat up ones home cook meal without any fuss.

Survival Tip 4:  Never Be Self Conscious in Asking for Help

No one is expected to know all the answers; we all still have question on how to correct one’s writing, or how one can study aboard, or if there are other grants available. Never be afraid to ask questions to a professor or a faculty member because you’re afraid they’ll expect you to already know the answer. No one knows all the answers. We all need help to make it through college without any stress or downfall. Asking for help will help one become more knowledgeable and have a great first college experience. 

Survival Tip 5: Don’t Be Stressed

Being in college can be a great experience that comes with stress. Once in awhile we all experience stress with deadlines or getting started with assignments to a point that can be overwhelming. Despite being overwhelmed with stress, never let stress rule your daily routine. It can cause you to make simple mistakes. Take a moment to breath in and out or take an activity that would allow you to distress for midterms, essays, or final exams. Take college one-step at a time.