The Struggles of Being In a Long Distance Relationship

Are you an out of state student at Cal State L.A.? Missing a significant other, friend or family member? Has your significant other gone on a study abroad trip for the quarter or even worse, a full year?! Well, we understand your struggles that you are going through. And here are some memes to help you get through the day, knowing that you aren’t alone during these harsh and lonely times!


1.  When time gets in your way.



2. Your plans all day, err day.



3. Your last resort.



4. When you both try to convince yourselves that being 12,000 miles away from each other is going to be okay.



5. When you begin to come up with lame jokes about your relationship with your S.O.



6. Sometimes there are benefits…


7. And sometimes we are just over it and move on to the one that will ALWAYS be there for us.



Long distance relationships can be challenging, but it’s always comforting to know that you are not in it alone!