Some Campus Advice From an Expert Collegiette


It’s a given fact that getting involved on campus isn’t always easy… especially if you’re a freshman.  There are many reasons why, including the fact that CSULA is a large commuter university with the majority of the student population living away from campus, and the fact that students in the past have said that they just don’t know how to get involved. 


Freshman Year at CSULA could be tricky if you’re venturing college alone, but here are a few tips to make the most out of your first quarter at CSULA and become involved!


1.) Visit Different Orgs: During the first week of each quarter on campus, organizations at CSULA line the main walkway to recruit new members.  This is your chance to explore what campus life has to offer, and with many orgs to choose from like cultural and PanHellenic Sororities, the Society of Women Engineers, the Fashion Association of Design Students (FADS), and the University Times (just to name a few), you’ll be able to find your niche and meet people with the same interests that you have. 


2.) Pick Up An Event Calendar:  There are two you should be aware of! The first one is the big CSI Calendar that is on display at the USU, and the other is the smaller, ASI calendar found at the ASI Office (which is located on the second floor of the USU).  The CSI calendar can also be found in several bins around campus.  In each calendar, you’ll be able to find a plethora of events that will take place throughout the quarter, so you’ll be able to schedule these events in your schedule from Week One to Week 10.  Don’t miss out on free movies in the USU Theater, and any events that involve discussions because most of the time, they have free food as well.


3.) Pick Up A Newspaper:  Have you ever passed by one of those yellow boxes on campus that say, “University Times”?  Well,  you should open the box and grab a newspaper! You’ll be surprised about what you may find from the events calendar on the back of it, to the articles inside that address many campus issues.  If you pick up a newspaper, not only will you engage in campus life, but you’ll become a well-rounded Golden Eagle!


4.) Talk To Your Advisor:  Not sure about what to major in yet?  Don’t fret! In the Palmer Wing of the Library, you’ll find the University’s Academic Advisement Center.  Don’t be afraid to talk to them about any concerns that you may have about classes and majors that CSULA has to offer.  So visit your advisor as soon as possible. 


5.) Talk To Your Professors:  This advice is pretty out there, but YES, talk to your professors! Freshman year means that you’ll be busy in General Education classes for grad requirements, and a Geology class that you have to take may not be your cup of tea, but 75 percent of the time, the professor will be extremely cool, and you’ll want them to know your name for a possible future letter of rec or reference for an internship or job.  So start now in any of your classes and talk to your professor! Who knows, you’ll probably surprise yourself and actually want to become a geologist someday. 


6.) Get A Campus Job:  Tired of commuting from school to an off-campus part-time job?  Visit the career center on campus for a list of job openings on campus! Having a campus job is a great way to be involved on campus, meet new people, and earn money for those expensive college textbooks! Luckily for campus jobs, most will work with your class schedule, so you don’t have to worry about conflicting time schedules. 


7. Purchase Some CSULA SWAG:  Although a sweatshirt at the student store may be pricey, it’s important to make that investment and rock that Golden Eagle Pride on campus.  You’re a Golden Eagle for FOUR years.  Make the most out of your freshman year, and show some University Pride!


8. Stay Focused: Even if you’re not the party-type, a bad case of Netflix binging can ruin that GPA of yours.  As a freshman, you’ll have so much time on your hands to go back to your dorm and chill.  So, stay focused by delegating time in your schedule for studying, eating, working out, and relaxing for a well-rounded college life.  Don’t let a night out, or a Gossip Girl non-stop marathon take over your life.  Just don’t.


Well there you have it, Golden Eagle Collegiettes! Go out there and make the most out of your freshman year!