Saving Money on a Student Budget


Food, textbooks, and school supplies. Being a college student takes such a toll on our wallets that a moth comes out of it when we open it up. We’re constantly on a budget and most of our money is gone by the second from buying supplies to going out for fun.

Not looking into our college expenses can lead us into debt and running out of money. Here are ways to save money for the school year that won’t leave us in a pitch.


Create a Budget:

The first thing to save money is create a budget. To start a budget, calculate your income first before figuring out your budget, including what you need and don’t need for the school year. You don’t have to write it down on a spreadsheet, some free apps are available that can help organize your expense without writing it and losing it later on. Creating your budget can make your life easier that will leave you enough money on the side.


Coupons equals Savings

Coupons are a great way to save money, especially when food prices are rising. So, how do you find these coupons? One way is checking your junk mail. Newsletters from grocery stores or daily publicity newsletters are ways you can check out for deals. Next time, you may want to have a second look by flipping the pages. These newsletters aren’t the only resources! Websites like,, or are some of the sites you can visit and print out coupons. With these coupons in hand, you will be saving a bundle.


Cooking your lunch means extra cash

After class is over, the first thing you have in mind is heading to the food court and re-energize. Instead of waiting long lines, bring your own lunch. It doesn’t have to be a plain old sandwich; it could be a cooked meal or left over dinner. Bringing your own lunch will save you money and time, plus you will be eating healthier. Any cooked meal is an addition to your savings.


Recycling brings Money

Before you throw that plastic bottle to the trash, think what you’re throwing way: hard cash. As students we drink water, sodas, and energy drinks, and milk and etc.; however, we don’t remember that saving the cans or plastic bottles can bring us money. Now, you don’t need to go out and dig out of the garbage. You can get them from 24 cans of soda, the pack of water bottles or the container of your laundry detergent. You redeem your money back by taking them to recycling center that can give you cash in exchange. Great way to save your money and save the environment!


Student ID’s as Discount Card

Want to go out for fun without spending more money? Your student ID is a great way to receive discounts. Theme parks, movie theaters, and museums offer student’s discounts where you can enjoy yourself without paying the full price. At Cal State LA, the Student Union offers theme park tickets at low prices and movie tickets that only cost $8.00 or so instead of regular prices at the theater. Before going anywhere that offers students discounts, call ahead and check the dates and times that they offer discounts.  Even on a budget, there are great savings for fun.