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An Open Letter To Senator Kamala Harris

Senator Harris,

Let me first start off with congratulating you on the win on the Senate for California. I saw your debate at my school (CalStateLA) against Loretta Sanchez, and while both you are strong women, you were the more qualified and thus gained my vote.

Well, now that the pleasantries are out the way, on to business. Senator, I am a fierce and unapologetic feminist. More importantly an inclusive and intersectional feminist. Please do not stop working on defeating the agenda that the new administration is pushing.

1. The ban that he put into action for refugees is unconstitutional and inhumane. This country was built on the back of immigrants. No one ever wants to leave their home country but with US intervention and sucking the resources a country has to offer, people have to leave their home country behind because they don’t have a choice. They are pushed out. Just like these refugees.

2. The gag order in abortion and the threat on the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Every woman, no matter what race or socioeconomic status deserves affordable and access to safe abortions. Not just abortions, but birth control access. So many women in my life, in fear of this new administration and their backwards thinking, went and got IUDs before it became inaccessible.

3. The threat on cutting federal funding on sanctuary cities. As you know Senator, in California there are several cities dubbed “sanctuary cities”. We must not let the tyranny of one man (who is married to an immigrant and employs many immigrants in his hotel) cause chaos. Being the daughter of immigrants, this rhetoric and actions, sicken me. Like stated above, immigrants started this country. Immigrants are the backbone of this country. Immigrants do the jobs that none wants to take. Immigrants have an amazing work ethic that is later passed down to their kids, and so on and so forth.

Please Senator, do not stop fighting this oppression, this tyranny, this horrible administration.

Thank you for your time!


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Vicky Silva

Cal State LA

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