A Night Out with Coldplay: A Head Full Of Dreams Tour

Whether you love them or hate them, I feel like anyone who listens to music will know at least one Coldplay song. As a band that has been together for twenty years, one cannot dispute some of their hits are classics. This August, I was luckily enough to snag some tickets for their A Head Full Of Dreams Tour and was finally able to see Coldplay live for the first time.

The last couple of years, Coldplay has been really promoting love as an important concept the band believes in and that was shown when I was given a button from the organization Love Button Global Movement [link: http://www.lovebutton.org/] along with the infamous Xylobands (wristbands that are synced to the music and light up throughout the show).

It was truly an experience to hear Chris Martin sing some of my favorite songs live and be apart of a show that made you feel connected with the other fellow thousands concert goers through the Xylobands. Coldplay is a band that can get you from crying your eyes out to Yellow to jumping up and down during A Sky Full of Stars. I would definitely recommend people to see them live if they have a chance.