New Greek Life On Campus

Cal State LA currently has 25 Greek organizations on campus listed on the University-Student Union's website. This semester, Fraternity Kappa Sigma hopes to be reinstated, while Sorority Delta Phi Epsilon gets an established colony on campus.

Back in the day, an earlier chapter of Kappa Sigma hosted a historic concert fundraiser in the Cal State LA gym to raise funds for the University's athletic program. Legendary rock band The Doors headlined the event that was performed in the month of October in 1967. 

The rebooted Fraternity is making progress in Greek socials. They have participated in intramural sports and Julian Manzano, Kappa Sigma’s re-founding member recently won a competition being second place for Alpha Sigma Tau’s fundraiser Mr. AST.


“Winning second place for Mr. AST felt really amazing it was a honor and a privilege and I am looking forward for more socials to attend in spring.” Julian Manzano, Political science major

In an interview with the University Times, Anthony Anaya, International Business major and Kappa Sigma president stated, “So far we have a solid 40 members and are still currently growing. We are shooting to have an ambitious 70 members”. He later mentioned, “Estevan Esparza, Fire Protection Administration major has a brother from Sacramento State who is in [another chapter of] Kappa Sigma and after interacting with them he thought it would be a great idea to bring the same atmosphere to Cal State LA. He discovered that the social fraternity also has evolved to focus on leadership, fellowship, scholarship and community service.” “We had no idea it (the re-founding class) was going to be this big and grow this fast. We are still learning a lot and are constantly discovering more about what it takes to lead this organization.” He expressed that he plans to continue searching for members who would want more experience in leadership development and would like to contribute to the organization academically. “Personally I want to change the atmosphere here on campus. By creating unification within the student body and hosting philanthropy events,“ said Kappa Sigma President Anthony Anaya.

For Sorority Delta Phi Epsilon, Princess Umayam, psychology major stated, “ Starting up the sorority was a great opportunity to be apart of the founding class. [As a founder] you set an environment that the other two panhellenics don't have, not to say that we are better than the other sororities, but we offer a different environment.” “As of right now we currently have about 90 founding members,” said Umayan.

“My focus and goal right now, as a founder, would be finding ourselves first and then getting out there. Our sorority sisters and I should get to know each sister within the sorority on a personal level to better establish philanthropy events and later hold socials with other fraternities and sororities.”


Fraternity Kappa Sigma and Sorority Delta Phi Epsilon have gotten a lot of attention this fall and are just few of the many Greek organizations students are allowed to get involved in.


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